'Life isn't all about money, it's about being happy'

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Life isnt all about money, its about being happy
Saif Hindash believes that if you do something that you truly love,you will always succeed. - Supplied photo

Dubai - Saif Hindash, 24, works for Apple in Dubai

By Jasmine Al Kuttab

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Published: Thu 25 Feb 2016, 11:00 PM

Last updated: Sat 27 Feb 2016, 11:01 AM

Most UAE residents experience a turning point in their lives.Whether that turning point involves dark days or not, it definitely changes their lives for the better, which is where the term "everything happens for a reason," is perhaps derived from.
For Dubai's born and bred resident, Saif Hindash, his turning point in life came when he made the tough decision not to pursue his university studies, but instead, decided to build his own life, without the help of those around him.
"I finished high school but decided not to go to university because it was far too expensive," he said. However, the now 24-year-old still needed to think of ways to support his family which had moved to the UAE 40 years ago due to the struggle in Palestine.
"I still had my family who I needed to support, including my mother and father who depend heavily on their children. So I had to think of ways to help them." He pointed out that making the decision to not attend university certainly did make it somewhat difficult to find jobs in the beginning. However, "with patience, virtue comes along.
"If I went to university and graduated with a certain degree, life could perhaps have been a little easier in terms of getting my first job. But at the end of the day, it's not about what's written on a paper, it's more about your experiences as a person, as well as the personality that you carry."
He noted that he started his first job in sales when he was merely 18 years old, and steadily took on bigger roles and challenges.
Hindash now works for Apple and is nothing but happy with the way life has turned out.
"I'm really happy with my role at Apple. It's a company that has impacted the lives of people all around us."
He believes that although education is a vital element in life, it does not necessarily have to mean that those without a degree are unable to build themselves, support their family and succeed.
"Education is important because you need knowledge and you need to learn. However, it's the society which tells you that you must go to university, otherwise you'll never be anywhere in life - that is not true."
He noted that some of the world's greatest achievers were, in fact, not always graduates, but simply had a bright idea and knew they can make a significant impact in peoples' lives.
"I believe that if you do something that you truly love, you will always succeed, just like Bill Gates, Steve Jobs and other geniuses who succeeded simply because they believed in something and because they had a passion."
Although Hindash is still young, he has aspirations, goals and dreams that he hopes to reach in life and has plans on starting his own businesses, both in the UAE and in Croatia.
"I am half Croatian, so I would really love to start a business there, as well as in the UAE." "I don't believe I will ever retire in life, I can't see myself not working. I've been working hard from a young age and it's what I love to do," he added.
Hindash noted that although he will one day accomplish the business ideas he has in mind, life is not just about making business plans and money opportunities. It is about feeling satisfied within one's own self.
"My dream in life is simple. I dream of making my family happy, because life isn't all about money, it's about being happy."
Interviewed byJasmine Al Kuttab Street Talk is a weekly column to get a glimpse of people's lives in uae

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