Abu Dhabi Police to set up police centre on Mars


Abu Dhabi - Other targets include creating the first ever cadre of astronaut officers to police outer space.

By Staff Reporter

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Published: Thu 16 Nov 2017, 8:11 PM

Last updated: Thu 6 Oct 2022, 8:33 AM

Heralding a whole new era for the UAE's space and interplanetary ambitions combined with visionary policing and security goals, the Abu Dhabi Police has announced a hyperfuturistic outer space project of its own.

The Abu Dhabi Police on Wednesday announced that it is planning to establish a large, smart project in outer space by its centennial year 2057, ushering in a new "golden age" of policing.

Among the mind-boggling new targets envisioned by the Abu Dhabi Police are sending police officers to Mars on a UAE-built spaceship and setting up the first ever police centre on Mars, among the long-term goals.

Other targets include creating the first ever cadre of astronaut officers to police outer space; foresight future police who will work to prevent crimes; 3D-printed police patrol vehicles and even a police centre; robot cops that speak every language on earth; replacing 50 per cent of the police force with robots, and carrying out half of all policing and security decisions based on data mining and analysis.

The strategic programme, to be implemented during the next four decades, will design a future and establish projects that work towards a proactive security programme in the second half of the 21st century.

Taking policing into outer space

The Abu Dhabi Police's centennial vision (1957-2057) is designing a future vision for the emirate that take scientific and security breakthroughs into the field of outer space.

As the world gets increasingly digital and connected online, Major General Maktoum Al Sharifi, Director-General of the Abu Dhabi Police, said that the police, too, could achieve impressive tangible progress in the digital world to start with, and then move into taking police and security work to outer space and then Mars. The UAE has already announced its plans to reach the red planet by 2021 and build the first colony there by the year 2117.

According to Al Sharifi, the centennial strategy has three main plans: short term, till 2022; medium term, for 2030-2040, and long term, until 2057.

A century of policing

The centennial strategy of the Abu Dhabi Police centres around three main axes. First, it aims to establish a new administration in outer space, build smart traffic programmes, and flexible future police buildings.

The second part includes the Genomic Police, space police patrols, robot cops for exploring outer space, satellites for monitoring crimes and securing data against piracy, and a simulation model of the Abu Dhabi Police Centre on Mars. Additionally, artificial intelligence (AI) systems will direct the behaviour of inmates in penal institutions, nano-robots used for firefighting, air traffic police set up and more.

Major-General Mohammed Khalfan Al Romaithi, Commander-in-Chief of the Abu Dhabi Police and a member of the Executive Council said that the new strategy will build better, smarter living conditions for future generations

The official believes it would help the police make Abu Dhabi a safe city, happier and positive society, direct its resources smartly and lead the world into the post-oil future global economy.


Short-term targets (2022)

>An integrated 3D-printed police centre

>First batch of astronaut police officers

>International academy for foresight future policing

>First 3D-printed police patrol vehicles

>Set-up outer space Abu Dhabi Police administration

>Set up air traffic police

>Provide 50% of training courses provided online; 35% through virtual reality; 15% using hologram technology

>First robot cop speaking all known languages in service

>Virtual police centre that can reach every home

>Database of robots in Abu Dhabi

>Police laboratory for space science

>Virtual training for living in outer space

Medium-term targets (by 2030-2040)

>Digital travel permits to travel to outer space

>Small, medium-size satellites to record high precision maps, to establish sustainable smart cities

>Design sample of first police centre on Mars

>Send police officers to Mars on Emirati spaceships in a world-first

>50% of policing decisions based on data mining and analysis

>25% training courses via hologram technology

>25% prisons converted to innovation centres

>A 930 UAE-built satellite for Abu Dhabi police

>Detecting crimes and violations using the satellites' data

>50% police centres converted to power-generating stations

>10% driverless police patrols

>30% police administration work using AI

Long-term targets (by 2057)

>Satellite that prevents police data piracy

>Police station in the UAE Mars colony by 2117

>Patrols to monitor security in space

>50% of police officers replaced by robots

>50% police budget to be self-financed

>930 police patrols run fuel-free, on alternative sources


The Abu Dhabi Police's centennial vision (1957-2057) is designing a future vision for the emirate
The Abu Dhabi Police's centennial vision (1957-2057) is designing a future vision for the emirate

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