The legacy of A legend

Dr M (B K Modi)
Dr M (B K Modi)

Let’s decode the story of the tech-obsessed man Dr Bhupendra Kumar Modi whose vision has transformed the technology landscape in India

Published: Mon 31 Jan 2022, 4:54 PM

An Indian-born industrialist, Dr Bhupendra Kumar Modi, is a truly global citizen and business magnate known for his contributions to bringing the digital revolution to India. Modi is a business mogul and digital pioneer who has been a key player in the technology sector in India and was a part of the telecom revolution in the country — right from office automation and now the digital revolution in other countries. He holds a PhD and is a social entrepreneur and investor.

In his attempt to digitise the world, he believes that digitising the business in today’s world is paramount.

Dr M (B K Modi) receives the Lifetime Achievement Awardfrom Haji Syed Salman Chishty
Dr M (B K Modi) receives the Lifetime Achievement Awardfrom Haji Syed Salman Chishty

Dubai — The boulevard of success

As a true global citizen, he has lived in many countries, but he eyes Dubai to be the number one city in many areas. Celebrating his 73rd birthday for the second consecutive year in Dubai, Modi calls the city the hub of the world for business and growth opportunities. The quality of life in Dubai has always fascinated Modi as it offers some of the best amenities. “Dubai’s rapid growth, strategic location and favourable business culture have led it to earn the reputation of being the best place to do business. It is easily accessible to travel around the world from Dubai. Its infrastructure and regulatory environment have attracted people from all walks of life,” he quips

Calling Dubai as his future base for business, Modi added that Dubai allows people to accommodate, offering a connection with the world. “Dubai has an advantage of being in the centre that has attracted expats from the world living comfortably in the city. Nearly 70 per cent of the Indian population lives in the UAE, which has proved the country to be a global hub of connection between India and the rest of the world. All these pointers fit my criteria hence, this is why I would like to have my business based in Dubai.”

Wellness Sector is future

The entrepreneur, author, movie producer, philanthropist and true global citizen deems space and the health sector as the future. According to him, space exploration could provide us with knowledge on innovations and inventions. Replying to rumours of booking a charter to space, Modi added: “Synergies between space and health are not new. With the emerging new technologies, I am approaching towards the new possibilities at the crossroad of latest space technologies, which is critically important for the future of healthcare.” He aims to work towards a startup that optimises health span by harnessing regenerative medicine technologies and integrating wellness solutions. Backed by unparalleled science, rigorous testing and powered by next-generation technology, he aims to impact the way people age — safely and effectively.

“We have recently partnered with the company called Fountain Life, founded by Peter Diamindis. He was the first person to start a private space programme, to send a space aircraft in 2016, which stayed there for 11 days. Later on, his idea was then taken up by Richard Branson and Elon Musk. Our partnership with him is to revolutionise the current healthcare system by integrating technology and artificial intelligence,” added Modi. Speaking more about the plans for his other venture, Modi revealed his new project that will disrupt the current healthcare industry. “We are trying to reimagine the future of medicine and healthcare by educating and creating tools that will allow everyone to not only live to 100 and beyond — but to feel and look as great as a centurion.”

Modi hails from a storied Indian business clan. His erstwhile Modi Telstra was the first company to start mobile telephony in India in 1995. He was once known as ‘Joint Venture Modi’ for the several joint ventures he had with multinational companies like Xerox and Continental. The patriarch is now working on another venture of high living wherein the share chartered planes and yachts are seeing growth. “Private travelling is prospering under the pandemic. Nothing compares to the time efficiency, privacy and pre convenience while travelling without spending a lot of money. We are simultaneously working on the ‘High Living’ venture to provide a huge array of choices spanning the spectrum of luxury travel.”

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