UAE: Wellness mentor Kanupriya Saraf on helping people become the best versions of themselves

A holistic leader, she explains how she helps her Dubai-based clientele become the highest, barrier-free versions of themselves by merging Eastern wisdom with modern science

By Vama Kothari

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Published: Thu 23 May 2024, 9:59 PM

Dubai is a city where high-net-worth individuals can be spotted strolling through parks or picking up groceries in their joggers, thereby presenting a unique tapestry of contrasts. However, the relentless quest for perfection in Dubai’s high society is palpable, as high net worth individuals (HNWIs) navigate the immense pressure to uphold their status, not just financially but socially as well. The unyielding need to project an image of perpetual success and happiness often leads to significant stress and anxiety, creating a paradox where the societal expectation to meet almost unattainable standards fosters a sense of isolation and loneliness.

For many individuals, the fear of failure becomes a constant, albeit silent, companion. The fierce competitiveness in Dubai’s elite circles means that any perceived sign of weakness can be viewed as a threat to one’s hard-earned status. This pervasive fear can result in a reluctance to seek help, further exacerbating underlying mental health issues. Moreover, the stigma surrounding mental health in many cultures adds an additional layer of complexity, making it even more challenging for individuals to openly discuss their struggles and seek the support they need.

Meet Kanupriya Saraf, a world-class healer and life mentor dedicated to helping individuals and families overcome depression, anxiety, migraines, and life crises. Her journey from the corporate world to holistic healing is both inspiring and transformative. Before embracing her role as a healer, Kanupriya had a successful career in financial services, working at top firms in Mumbai and London. A graduate of Warwick Business School, she later became a certified gemologist and ran a diamond jewellery business. However, chronic headaches and personal crises led her on a quest for healing. This quest took her to a secluded mountain retreat in the Philippines, where she found solace and training from an enlightened spiritual master. This transformative experience not only healed her but also set her on a new path. "Years of chronic migraines during a low phase of life made me question every life choice, searching desperately for relief. Traditional medicine failed me, but a healing master in the Philippine mountains revealed the true power of spiritual healing," she says. "This journey not only cured my pain but sparked a passion for higher knowledge, leading me to study ancient scriptures and energy healing. Now, I embrace life as an ever-evolving student, always learning and growing."

Today, Kanupriya uses her healing skills and business acumen to guide others towards inner peace and balance. She divides her observations into four categories related to age groups and speaks of solutions for battling commonly observed problems.

The challenges and solutions for raising toddlers

Raising toddlers presents unique challenges — from developing self-esteem issues to managing focus and health. Parents often feel pressure to throw extravagant birthday parties and deal with their children's comparisons to peers, impacting self-worth. Attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD) and lack of focus are common issues, requiring more than traditional medication. The constant desire for new toys and the struggle to understand a child's true personality can lead to unrealistic expectations and unnecessary stress. Fear of authority figures, weak immunity in newborns, and sibling rivalry add to the complexities. Additionally, parents often face the challenge of helping their children perform well in school without overwhelming them.

To address these challenges, parents should educate themselves on the '7 Types of Children' philosophy, setting realistic expectations tailored to each child's unique strengths. Alternative healing techniques like energy healing and heart chakra activation can support children with ADHD and high sensitivity, addressing emotional and mental needs. Emphasising on experiences over material possessions can help curb the desire for new toys. Open communication and reassurance can alleviate fear of authority figures, teaching children how to protect themselves. Boosting immunity through proper nutrition and hygiene is essential for newborns. Encouraging empathy and teamwork can improve sibling dynamics. Finally, creating a balanced and supportive learning environment helps children perform well in school, focusing on curiosity and involvement rather than pressure to excel in every subject.

Challenges and solutions for teens and young adults

Teenagers and young adults in Dubai face numerous challenges — from drug addiction and developing vices like smoking and vaping to experiencing identity crises. The pressure to own luxury items, such as handbags and cars, ties self-worth to material possessions, while the cosmopolitan culture can lead to feelings of being lost and a lack of community. Beauty and body image issues are prevalent, and many young people struggle with hormonal imbalances. Peer pressure exacerbates these issues, pushing teens and young adults to conform to unhealthy behaviour.

To address these challenges, practising patience is crucial, as personal growth takes time. Enrolling teenagers in HEALplans can help them cope with drug addiction and learn somatic bodywork techniques to release trapped energy and emotions, mitigating hormonal problems. Participating in self-discovery programmes fosters a deeper understanding of one's true identity, allowing individuals to maintain their authenticity while forming friendships and integrating into the community. These programmes help young people avoid the pitfalls of compromising their values to fit in, ultimately leading to a more balanced and fulfilling life.

Navigating life’s challenges: A guide for adults aged 28-50

For adults aged 28-50, life can be a whirlwind of challenges. Marital issues, conflicts with in-laws, and the stress of divorce or fertility problems can take a toll. Add to that the pressure of managing children’s health, high-stress careers, and the onset of chronic health issues, and it’s easy to feel overwhelmed. Men, especially after 40, often struggle with pent-up anger, and there’s the constant worry about saving for kids’ education.

Family reconciliation sessions can be a game-changer. These sessions help families understand each member’s role, align values, and create a shared vision for the future. They also offer support for marital issues, turning toxic relationships into healthier dynamics and reducing the trauma of bad marriages. Healing sessions can reduce stress and create a nurturing environment, making it easier to conceive.

Life mentoring and coaching can also be incredibly helpful. Finding a mentor who understands what you’re going through and has succeeded in various aspects of life can provide invaluable support. These mentors offer expertise, wisdom, and relatable advice to help you navigate this busy, challenging period and achieve a balanced, fulfilling life.

Embracing life after 50: A guide for elders

For those aged 51 and above, life brings a new set of challenges. With children busy in their own lives, loneliness can creep in. Increased responsibilities at work, navigating the role of grandparent or in-law, and adjusting to new family dynamics can be overwhelming. Disputes over real estate and finances, legal settlements, and facing death and loss add to the emotional burden. Planning for retirement, contributing to society, and contemplating the legacy they’ll leave behind become significant concerns.

This stage of life is a great opportunity to focus on self-care and healing. Working with a healer and spiritual life mentor can help address past traumas, ensuring they don't negatively impact relationships with children and family. Engaging in spiritual studies, attending talks and seminars on life wisdom, and learning how to overcome pain, suffering, and guilt from past decisions can be transformative. Enrolling in HEALplans for grief and bereavement can prevent emotional blockages, particularly in the heart, reducing the risk of cardiac issues, which are common in this age group. Additionally, holistic healing can speed up recovery from surgeries and serious illnesses, providing a path to physical and emotional wellness. This journey not only enhances personal well-being but also enriches the legacy they leave behind.

In today’s fast-paced, materialistic world, the importance of having a spiritual life mentor cannot be overstated. Whether it’s overcoming personal crises, managing stress, or seeking deeper fulfillment, a mentor like Kanupriya Saraf offers invaluable guidance. By merging Eastern wisdom with modern science, she helps individuals navigate the complexities of life, ensuring they emerge stronger, balanced, and ready to face the world.

Carrying many lifetimes of wisdom and thousands of hours of experience in healing and life mentoring, if you are seeking solutions to release stress and get direction in life then don’t forget to visit her website for all information and follow her on Instagram @kanupriyasarafhealing.

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