UAE visit visa: What overstaying tourists can do to get absconding charge cancelled

Travel agents explain answers to common questions about staying past the validity date on a visit visa

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Published: Sat 4 Feb 2023, 5:20 PM

'Extend your visa or exit the country.' The message is clear from travel agencies - there is little to no leeway when it comes to overstaying in the UAE on a visit visa. Khaleej Times learnt that now, travel agencies are filing absconding cases against overstaying visitors.

Here are some common questions about overstaying on a visit visa in the UAE, answered:

1. What happens if I overstay past the validity date on my visit visa?

Travel agencies in the UAE say that if you stay more than 5 days past the validity date on your visa, you can get an absconding ban placed on you, which would get you blacklisted from entering not only the UAE, but also other GCC countries.

A penalty is applied as well. You might also be blocked from official visa application portals.

2. How much is the penalty for overstaying?

Experts in the travel industry said the minimum absconding penalty that must be paid is Dh2,000, and that this increases every day.

3. Can I extend my visit visa from within the UAE?

There is no option to extend the validity of your visit visa from within the country. In order to do this, you must exit the UAE and then re-enter on a new visit visa.

4. Do I have to pay the fine if I am charged with absconding?

Yes, paying the fine is a must in order to get the absconding charge dropped.

5. What happens if I don't pay the fine?

Absconding is a criminal offence in the UAE, and those charged can be arrested by the police, according to travel agents. If you charged under this offence, you will have to clarify the case with the agent that issued your visa or your sponsor.

The case will only be withdrawn if the fines are paid. If they are not paid, you can be stopped at the airport and deported.

6. Why do travel agents file absconding cases against their customers?

Travel agencies are tourists' sponsors in the country if they get them visit visas. If the tourist overstays, the agency gets into trouble and incurs losses. This is because the overstaying fines are applied to the agency, who then retrieves the money from the visitor. It is also troublesome for agencies when the visa application portals get blocked due to absconding charges.

An agent said that along with paying the fines, the agency also has to pay for the outpass for the overstaying visitor to exit the country, which is a huge financial undertaking. This is why they choose to take the other option presented to them, which is to file absconding cases against those who overstay. Agents also say that this helps agencies curb violations.


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