Pakistan and US relationship: Death on wings

The relationship between Pakistan and the US has faced major ups and downs since the tragic incident of 9/11.

By (Misha Rizvi, Karachi?)

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Published: Fri 25 Oct 2013, 11:14 PM

Last updated: Tue 7 Apr 2015, 5:15 PM

But now, it won’t be unjustified to say that the ties are improving, as proven by the recent visit of John Kerry, US Secretary of State, to Pakistan. However the drone attacks debate is still in mid-air.

Pakistani politicians have requested Washington through Kerry to stop the attacks. But he rejected the request, saying they will continue. The question is, are these attacks really important and should they continue till the end?

It has been eight years since the first bombs were dropped on the plains of northern Pakistan. They killed, injured and destroyed families, homes and Pakistan’s scenic beauty. The US states that this war is against the Tehreek-e-Taleban and terrorism. While the drone attacks help kill militants, what about civilians? How can anyone justify the murder of women and children who have no part in the political scenario and yet become casualties of the drone war? They live with the unpredictability of these sorties, struggling to stay alive and hope to see another dawn. Does America have no voice against this inhumanity?

While meant to get rid of the Taleban, in 2010 the drone attacks caused 90 incidents, killing 831 and injuring more than 85 people. The most recent attack was in Shawal Valley of North Waziristan Agency July 2013, where eight militants were killed. Since 2005, nearly 2,500-3,500 people have been killed. How can one prove that they were all militants?

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