This startup is using AI to give people the power to create personalised photos

Artisse Ai is leveraging generative AI to create an avenue through which people can bring such desires to life

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Published: Thu 31 Aug 2023, 4:46 PM

Everyone wants beautiful photos. Whether taken alone or with a loved one, at a favourite location, or at an event, the desire for a photo that captures the radiance of the moment is universal.

This is why mobile photo editing applications were a huge deal when they came out. Introduced at the start of the last decade, they brought the ability to edit photos on handheld devices. People loved this and it is no surprise that today, millions use these apps to beautify their pictures.

Nonetheless, getting that perfect photo is still not easy. Yes, people can change the look of a photo by adjusting its colour, brightness, and contrast, and applying filters, but the background, posture, outfit, and all those other things that make a photo beautiful still need to be there.

Recognising that getting these things isn’t always easy, the startup Artisse AI has set out to create a platform where anyone can bring as much beauty as they want into their photos.

What Makes a Photo Beautiful

Different things make a photo beautiful for different people. It can be the people being photographed, their outfits, and their poses. It can also be the location, scenery, and background, among other aspects, and of course, the quality of editing.

For as long as photography has existed, all of these– except where post-processing is involved– have had to be physically present at the time of taking a photo. Anyone wanting photos in a green, countryside scenery has to travel to the countryside to take said photos. The same can be said for those who want to be photographed in an iconic location.

How easy it is to get this done depends on the individual’s specific situation. But generally, most people have a hard time getting everything they need for their idea of a perfect photograph. And even those that do still have a hard time getting certain aspects to appear exactly how they want them to be.

What this means is that most people never end up getting their perfect photographs. Depending on the specific person, what’s missing can be something simple, like the correct posture, or as monumental as desired company or scenery.

Artisse AI is on a mission to change this. Founded by William Wu, the startup’s goal is to democratise and redefine the world of photography by giving people the ability to create their own self-photos and make them as beautiful as they want them to be.

Using AI to Bring Personalised Beauty to Photos

Artificial intelligence (AI) has been around for quite a long time. But over the past year, the field has experienced significant advancements in generative AI, and is now shaping up to change the world.

Generative AI is already doing incredible things. The seemingly endless knowledge of ChatGPT and the controversial, but nonetheless, artistic capabilities of Midjourney and DALL-E have taken the world by storm.

Similar to these applications, Artisse hands users the creative powers of generative AI. But it is going a different route and taking a more personalized approach. Users aren’t just generating any images; they are creating beautiful, realistic photos of themselves in any setting and mood they wish.

Empowering Users With Creative Powers

Artisse’s goal is to empower people around the world with this ability to create perfect, highly personalised self-photos. William, the CEO of Artisse, sees personal photos as life’s most cherished language. So while the process of capturing the perfect shot remains a complex and time-consuming affair, it’s a challenge his team is intent on solving.

An even bigger motivation behind Artisse’s motive is the fact that the perfect shot remains out of reach for many people. There are those who dream of having their pictures taken in destinations they might never have the privilege of visiting. Others long for a picture with a long-lost loved one they may never see again, to create and preserve a beautiful moment with them.

Artisse Ai is leveraging generative AI to create an avenue through which people can bring such desires to life. Its AI-powered app lets users create and make precision changes to photos instantly.

Effortless Photo Creation

Before using the Artisse AI image generation app for the first time, the user will need to train the algorithm using 10-15 photos of themselves. This process will take up to 25 minutes.

After the training is complete, the user can freely generate photos of themselves in any outfit, setting, or posture by prompting the AI using text or visual prompts. This will only take a few minutes but the possibilities are endless.

The user can effortlessly change their posture, background, scenery, clothing, hairstyle, and expression as they deem fit. A realistic picture next to an iconic structure on the other end of the world or with a loved one with whom a real photo is physically impossible is only a prompt away. This alone has the potential to change human photography for everyone.

When Does It Launch?

Artisse launched its AI-generative photo app and is currently developing localised versions of the app to launch in specific regions of the world. It’s available to download for both Android and IOS platforms.

The startup says that this is only the first version of the product. Additional features and improvements will be added with newer versions and user feedback.

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