The Wellbeing Sanctuary offers transformational approach to holistic health and wellness

DecodeYou programme provides pioneering solution to self-mastery through mind training

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DecodeYou: A Path to Self-Mastery integrates the foundational principles of seven holistic disciplines
DecodeYou: A Path to Self-Mastery integrates the foundational principles of seven holistic disciplines

Published: Mon 4 Sep 2023, 5:07 PM

Last updated: Tue 5 Sep 2023, 12:34 PM

Dubai-based wellness center, The Wellbeing Sanctuary, is pioneering an innovative mind training solution that promotes better mental and physical health by unlocking the subconscious mind. The center's founder and CEO, Sarmistha Mitra, has introduced the ground-breaking programme to help individuals unveil their own pathway to self-mastery, and to build harmonious relationships, establish successful careers, and achieve lasting health and wellness.

Built upon Mitra’s decade of experience as a holistic psychologist, DecodeYou: A Path to Self-Mastery, is a transformational journey that harnesses the power of the subconscious mind to unlock one's true potential. Exploring the deep well of memories and experiences stored in the subconscious, the programme paves the way for participants to prevent and minimise any mental, physical or emotional crises. It comprises five cycles, each centered around a different aspect of self-discovery: coping strategies, duality and balance, karma and peace, rejection and regret, and pain and trauma.

Sarmistha Mitra, founder and CEO, The Wellbeing Sanctuary
Sarmistha Mitra, founder and CEO, The Wellbeing Sanctuary

Explaining the approach, Mitra said: “DecodeYou is not only about recognising and transforming outdated patterns that no longer serve us, and uncovering the roots of our pain points and choices, it provides the understanding and approaches that will prevent any kind of crisis in the future. Throughout the programme, participants acquire essential life-hacking tools to reshape their behaviour patterns, elevate their self-awareness as psychologically mature individuals, and craft a life that aligns with their true essence."

This unique programme integrates the foundational principles of seven holistic disciplines: Hypnosis, CBT, NLP, Tasso, Trauma Therapy, Dream Therapy, and Shadow Work. By merging these practices, DecodeYou equips participants to regain control, lead a fully conscious and awakened life, and unleash their latent potential.

Mitra's inspiration for this transformative model originated from her personal journey of self-discovery. After entering a new phase of life as a mother with an empty nest, she embarked on a quest to find her purpose. Armed with a masters in transpersonal psychology, along with numerous certifications and accreditations in fields such as transpersonal regression therapy, neuro-linguistic programming, and cognitive behavioural therapy, Mitra's own journey has become the driving force behind DecodeYou.

Among the participants of the DecodeYou programme is Anchal Srivastava, who explained, "I had the opportunity of attending one of the workshops conducted by Sarmistha and I was amazed how well she has developed the concepts of self-mastery. There’s no run-of-the-mill theory, but proper concepts shared through real life experiences. I will continue work further on self-development with Sarmistha in the future."

The programme unfolds over three months and can be taught in groups or conducted on a one-to-one basis at The Wellbeing Sanctuary's premises on Sheikh Zayed Road. DecodeYou is a flagship offering in the center's diverse portfolio of solution-focused holistic therapy.

Mitra concludes, "As participants immerse themselves in the DecodeYou journey, they're empowered to rewrite their narratives, awaken their innate potential, and create a life of profound fulfillment and well-being. I am determined in my mission to liberate humanity from our stories of pain and suffering."

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