Porto and Northern Portugal held its third and final event at Portugal pavilion

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Published: Tue 14 Dec 2021, 12:24 PM

In an effort to promote the historic relationship between man and gold, the Porto and North of Portugal tourism board held it third and final event, whereby two experienced artisans exhibited their craftsmanship from the December 7-12 at Expo 2020 Portugal pavilion.

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The Porto and Northern Portugal board of tourism, joined by the Gondomar city council, and AICEP (Portuguese Trade and Investment Agency) invited Expo goers to enrich and immerse themselves in the historic craftsmanship of the jewellery-making that would traditionally be seen in Gondomar. Another attraction was the exhibition of a filigree bodice designed by the stylist Micaela Oliveira in partnership with a representative of the new generation of filigree artists, the young Arlindo Moura.

The city has been an important production center for goldsmithery since the 18th century, with an ever-increasing demand due to an extraordinary and specialised workforce dedicated to the production of items of jewellery and filigree in particular. To safeguard traditional crafts and unique expertise, enhanced over generations by dedicated men and women excelling in the artistic design of sophisticated filigree pieces, the city council has decided to bring the craftsmanship to Expo 2020 Dubai to create international awareness of this tradition.

Marco Martins, mayor of Gondomar, said: “It is a pride for Gondomar to have taken Filigree to Dubai”. Sandra Almeida, town councillor for tourism, added, “We fight a lot to preserve our intangible heritage. Expo 2020 Dubai is a world showcase, with millions of visitors who will discover Portugal, the North of Portugal, Gondomar, handcraft Filigree, and our Filigree Route”.

Francisca Guedes de Oliveira, Portugal’s deputy commissioner for Expo 2020 Dubai and AICEP administrator, said: “Expo 2020 Dubai was the perfect opportunity to show the world the authenticity and sophistication of Portuguese products that Filigree art represents so well”.

Located in the sustainability district, the Portugal pavilion has received a favorable response for its genuine ability to bring rich history, culture and tradition through their various exhibits. Their first event involved rich gastronomy prepared by Michelin-star chef, Vítor Matos, and served in the notable black pottery from Bisalhães, while the second event showcased a traditional dance performance by Pauliteiros de Miranda.

The final event was a unique opportunity for Expo-goers to envision the history of the craftsmanship and heritage in two large showcases in the pavilion. Pavilion visitors will have an opportunity to witness the jewellery-making process first-hand from 10 am to 10 pm daily.

To learn more about goldsmithery in Gondomar, click here.

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