Iqra Reza has come a long way from being a mom to a mental health therapist

Having helped many along the way, she has carved a distinct niche for herself in her respective area of work

Published: Wed 9 Feb 2022, 10:04 AM

People face many unfavourable situations in life which traps them in a stagnant environment, making their lives come to a standstill. A mental block prevents them from accomplishing better things in life, resulting in multiple setbacks and bad times which takes a toll on their mental health. In such situations the role of a mental therapist comes into use as they are well-equipped to handle such adversities with their deep knowledge around this sphere. Iqra Reza is one name who has done a splendid job around this space and is today the most sought-after professionals we have in business today.

Reza is a known holistic mental health therapist who has used her holistic interventions to help many of her clients heal their negative mind blocks which prevents them to live a life full of positivity. Apart from handling her career as a therapist, Reza also juggles her time as a fashion entrepreneur, running her own boutique named 'Darzi', and is also the founder of the online programme ‘Heal. Learn. Transform’. That's not all, she also owns a fashion brand, 'Iqra Reza Official'. Here is one woman who has taken on multiple careers with much ease and balances all with success. Furthermore, she's also an international author who has penned a self-help book named 'Your Magical Journey: Embrace Your Inner Child'.

Reza started her journey seven years back with integrated clinical hypnotherapy and worked her way to get certified in different modalities with time. Today, she's an IPHM (International Practitioners of Holistic Medicines) approved wellness trainer and teacher, and has a degree in clinical hypnotherapy as well. Apart from that she has done her post-graduation in TASSO (Transpersonal Regression Therapy), is a certified ancestorial healer and a certified family constellation facilitator from different schools. Her list of accomplishments doesn't end here as she is also a Silva intuitive coach, inner child healer, BMSC in metaphysics, MSC in metaphysics and a certified teacher of hypnotherapy. She is also a certified art therapist, an energy healer, and an emotional intelligence expert.

She has successfully transitioned from a mindful mom to being a fashion entrepreneur and finally a mind science specialist, having helped a number of parents and their kids connect themselves to a happier environment. She credits her kids a lot, as it's because of them that she embarked on this journey which has brought her here. Her work has got her featured in the top 10 entrepreneurs list apart from getting herself on multiple news channels and magazines. According to her transitioning her career to a mind therapist has been her life's best decision which has made her journey fruitful and rewarding. She said: "Watching your clients transform themselves and be in a happier zone gives a lot of satisfaction. Seeing them benefitting from the sessions is really motivating and makes me work all the harder. No matter how many people I have worked with, the feeling is the same each time I see them change for the better.”

Today she has seen many of her clients who have done extremely well for themselves after undergoing her sessions and that gives her a different kind of a high. Her services include inner child healing, guided hypnotherapy, family constellation therapy, art therapy, colour therapy, crystal healing, cognitive-behavioral therapy, regression therapy and theta healing. According to her, the best way to survive and be success in any business is to be true to your work and your principles. She says that her goal is to teach people different modalities and pass on the knowledge to them, which has helped her transform her own life.

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