How does a web design impact the SEO of a brand


Published: Thu 13 Apr 2023, 2:07 PM

Most businesses set up their marketing and web design strategies without doing proper research. This is a very risky move. Website design not only decides the look, but it impacts every single aspect of your web experience. When consumers want to learn something about your brand, they will definitely visit your marketing site first. Indeed, web designs prodigiously affect SEO. Hire a reputable web design agency to create responsive and professional web designs for your site. Ensure to use designs that are well-appealing to the search engine crawlers. That’s because online users are more likely to engage with sites where they feel it is easy to navigate through the website content. Read this ultimate article to know more details.

By Ammar Tarique

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Top ways a web design impacts the SEO of a brand

Effective web design practices are imperative in this world of SEO. Elaborately, user experience is considered a very critical search engine ranking factor. How users interact with the design of your marketing website directly correlates with search engine optimisation. As aforementioned, web design can affect the SEO of a brand, but how? Let’s go through each point in depth below:

Loading Speed

How fast your website loads is one of the critical search engine ranking factors. The way you have designed your site leaves a huge impact on the overall web page speed. Ideally, the website loading speed should be a few seconds. In case of higher loading speed, minifying JS and CSS files, minimising HTTP requests, and using a caching solution work best. You can avoid the hassle of all this by hiring a company to create ingenious web designs for your brand.

Navigation Structure

The navigation structure of a website affects many important metrics like engagement rate, conversion rate, and bounce rate. Guess what? All these factors play a vital role in improving search engine ranking results and increasing revenues. If visitors don’t find enough information on your marketing site, it can result in losing potential customers and lots of money on the table. You undoubtedly don’t wish to compromise the web navigation structure just because of a poor web design. Right? Instead, you should hire an agency to create eye-catchy web designs.

Layout Consistency

One of the ways website designs affect search engine optimisation is via layout consistency. Ensure using consistent design and layout over all brand web pages. It’s now possible to do so utilising the same footer, header, menus, and sidebar on all pages. You probably have no idea how a consistent layout helps search engine crawlers to index different pages of your website. Optimise your brand website by hiring a reliable SEO company in Australia.

Reading experience

The reading experience is arguably an essential part of a web design that significantly impacts the overall effectiveness of the SEO strategy. Online users only want information. For instance, online consumers surf the internet and browse different websites to read content and get the answer to all their queries. Leave a pleasant reading experience by creating responsive web designs as it helps lower bounce rate, boost engagement rate, and lead to high on-page time.

Concluding Remarks

Traditionally SEO and web designs are two different aspects of online businesses. There is a need to focus on these two crucial factors if you wish to take your website to the top of SERPs (Search Engine Result Pages). A professional web design helps rank a website first on search engine results. But an ugly website design can leave adverse consequences on search engine optimisation. Don’t panic! Go to Ozwebdevelopment and create responsive web designs, ensuring the full optimisation of your brand website.

— Ammar Tarique is the Content Strategist at Teamology Softech and Media Private Limited.

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