Hisao Ueda receives a golden visa


Published: Tue 29 Mar 2022, 4:55 PM

Last updated: Tue 29 Mar 2022, 4:57 PM

Hisao Ueda, considered as best Wagyu Master Chef in the Middle East, gets a Golden Visa from the UAE.

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Ueda is a chef in one of the most famous restaurants in Dubai. He has worked there for 11 years. Although the restaurant has begun to gain popularity only in the last four to five years. He added that he is very happy since more people will know about his restaurant and come to enjoy it there. He notes that Wagyu is a treasure of his origins, ie, Japan. He is more than happy that people around the world have come to know about his culture and like it so much.

TakaHisa, which makes people crave more Japanese cuisine in Dubai, delivers the best Japanese food in the UAE. Founded by Aimi Shibuya and two other master chef, Takashi Namekata and Hisao Ueda. Takahisa is an amalgamation of both their names. This restaurant has gained popularity in Dubai due to its supreme service and world-class sushi and Wagyu beef. Their main motto is to serve outstanding and authentic Japanese cuisine with pure greatness in every bite.

Ueda was born in Hokkaido, Japan which is famous for its seafood and produces high-quality meat. Coming from a vibrant culture of foods, his journey started as a chef when he started working at the age of 17 years in the Japanese Kaiseki restaurant in Hokkaido. There he mastered his technical skills in more than seven years. Since then, he has always been in the Japanese kitchen and excelled. After that, he moved to Dubai in 2011, serving as the head chef at an award-winning authentic Japanese restaurant. He has been working in Dubai as a master chef since 2011 and is considered the best Wagyu chef globally.

The Golden Visa system effectively grants long-term residency (five to 10 years) to investors, entrepreneurs, those with exceptional talents such as researchers, medical experts, those working in the scientific and knowledge industries, and exceptional pupils.

Upon receiving Golden Visa, Ueda said: "I am very much honoured to obtain a Golden Visa and thankful to the UAE Rulers and Federal Government for this recognition. It's been 11 years since I started working in the UAE, and Japanese Wagyu has become more popular in the last four to five years. I am pleased about it. I want to do my best so that more people will know and enjoy Wagyu, a treasure of Japan."

Wagyu Master Hisao Ueda is one of the special people to receive Dubai’s golden visa. It is an incredible honour for him. He further added that he is the first Japanese chef to earn the golden visa and it makes him incredibly proud and happy. To obtain the Dubai golden visa means he has full ownership of his business. That means he can work to grow Wagyu to even greater heights and as an honoured chef.

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