Global Ice is becoming the new reference for diamond jewellery in Dubai

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The stunning Richard Mille RM010 brilliantly diamond set with VVS diamonds made by Global Ice for a football player.
The stunning Richard Mille RM010 brilliantly diamond set with VVS diamonds made by Global Ice for a football player.

Published: Thu 9 Mar 2023, 5:11 PM

Last updated: Mon 27 Mar 2023, 12:12 PM

From college benches to adorning celebrities with diamonds, Global Ice has stood out as the go-to-jewellers for famous individuals in France, selling the most stunning iced out watches and diamond chains to the biggest names in the country. Headed by Sofian, a 23-year-old CEO, the company recently expanded its operations to Dubai and has already encountered great success.

By Deepak Jain

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As with many businesses, Global Ice was born in 2019 from a trivial idea which will turn out to be revolutionary. Fascinated by US rapper’s jewellery, the two 19-year-old students aimed to bring the hip-hop jewellery trend to France. "We’ve started off by selling affordable iced out jewellery online, such as 100$ Cuban Link chains," Sofian recalls. Quickly, their brand drew rappers and football players attention.

After only six months, they have decided to stop their affordable range to take the step to focus exclusively on high-end jewellery, despite having no experience nor contact in the business, but determined to succeed in this new journey.

Their hard work paid off and Global Ice emerged as the number one jewellers in the country, working with French biggest music names. "Dadju, Niska, Ninho, Koba LaD, Vegedream, Maes...I can’t mention them all as it would be too long," Sofian says joking. They also count among their clients many football players all around Europe, in top clubs like PSG, Chelsea, Manchester.

When asked about this awesome success story at such a young age, Sofian declares: "In the beginning, it felt unreal to work with our teenage idols, and athletes that we were seeing on TV. It was incredible that these people who we used to admire, were now inviting us at their music video shoots, recording sessions or homes to purchase our jewellery."

In 2022, Global Ice set its sights on expanding its operations to Dubai, while continuing to run their business in Paris. Their showroom is located at The One Tower, in the heart of Dubai, where they receive customers by appointment, ensuring a VIP service. You will find a large selection of diamond watches (iced out Rolex, Cartier, AP), as well as sumptuous jewellery pieces, such as Tennis bracelets, Cuban Link necklaces and more.

The secret to Global Ice's success lies in its commitment to quality and craftsmanship. Unlike many jewellers who outsource production to cheap labour countries, Global Ice has its own workshop and diamond setters, ensuring full control over manufacture to provide the best quality. "We focus on quality and craftsmanship rather than profit. We don't cut corners on our pieces. When people buy luxury products, they want to get their money's worth," Sofian says.

When asked what sets Global Ice apart from its competitors, Sofian said: "We pride ourselves on educating our clients about high-end jewellery, teaching them how to identify good and bad diamond settings, what the right price for a piece is, and important diamond characteristics. We also offer a VIP service to all of our customers, regardless of their status."

Building from its experience working with the best, the obsession for quality and craftsmanship, coupled with a boundless ambition, Global Ice stands as a new key player in the jewellery and watch market in the UAE. Whether you're a celebrity or just someone looking for the finest jewellery and diamond watches, Global Ice is the name to know.

For more information about Global Ice, visit and check out their Instagram

— Deepak Jain is an independent content writer.

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