From Amazon's halls to Bricklayer walls: An executive's reinvention

Amazon real estate executive leaves to become a Bricklayer, a founder’s journey to reinvent the REIT

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Published: Thu 25 Jan 2024, 3:57 PM

Professionals working in a field different from their original working experience is far from a new phenomenon. For Nicholas Prescott, leaving Amazon after a fruitful six years as a record-holding transaction manager to become a Bricklayer might seem extreme — but there is more to it than meets the eye. The decision to transition from working at a leading tech giant to a real estate Decentralised Autonomous Organisation (DAO) represents not only a career change but a shift in mindset, to create an impactful and innovative community. Prescott’s move into this new avenue hints at a broader acceptance of tokenisation into a magnitude of industries, while still staying true to his passion of real estate. The marriage between traditional real estate and virtual assets on the blockchain comes together in the form of Prescott’s brainchild: Bricklayer.

Fertile Ground

The projected crypto market expects a $37.9 billion revenue by 2023, whilst the real estate front saw a global AUM hit $11.4 trillion. Both markets combined open up a new arena of endless opportunities, with Bricklayer paving the way.

By leveraging blockchain and AI technology, Bricklayer differs from traditional REITs thanks to its Real Estate Investment DAO (REIDAO) structure - allowing it to significantly reduce fees, and increase transparency while operating with decentralised community involvement. This innovative approach aims to save up to 47 per cent in costs compared to traditional REIT fee structures.

Returning steady rental yields, having world-class infrastructure as well as a diverse portfolio option, the UAE has continuously been of interest for real estate enthusiasts. Not only this, but Dubai and Abu Dhabi have both been labelled as one of the most 'crypto-ready' cities in the world thanks to the infrastructures supporting this initiative. With this being said, UAE is the ultimate playground for real estate and crypto enthusiasts alike.

The Blueprint

Bricklayer’s primary focus lies on value-add real estate and prioritising the occupier, by leveraging partnerships with institutional-grade tenants, together with the acquisition of below-market-value (BMV) assets. Prescott’s vision for Bricklayer is immense yet within reach, with the goal to become the world's most actively serviced real estate platform thanks to the power of AI and blockchain. To cement it all together, Bricklayer is looking to also be a profitable dividend platform for the Bricklayer community - a true showcase of a platform built for the people.

The Foundation

Bricklayer DAO sets the foundation for the self-governing ecosystem, disrupting the conventional real estate landscape and challenging the dominance of the one per cent real estate moguls. By eliminating traditional corporate hierarchies, this innovative platform empowers property owners and investors to actively engage in the community-driven decision-making process. Bricklayer incorporates a variety of blockchain applications to modernise real estate transaction processes and benefits from virtual asset funds to fuel portfolio expansion without the need to rely on subsequent funding rounds. This impactful model is revolutionising real estate by putting the community first and making it more accessible and trustworthy than ever.

First Layer

With a solid foundation based on collective intelligence, the first layer of Prescott’s Bricklayer focuses on industrial real estate coupled with multi-sector BMV asset acquisitions. This first layer entails UAE based real estate with a focus on reputable tenants such as Amazon and Tesla. Bricklayer's strategy aims to provide a risk-averse inception, bolstering Net Asset Value (NAV) and generating consistent and secure cash flow. The significance of e-commerce was highlighted during the COVID-19 pandemic, seeing warehouses and last-mile logistics becoming crucial in metropolitan infrastructure. Bricklayer DAO plans to diversify into different territories, which is where the second layer would later come into play.


Bricklayer DAO offers a diversified volatility hedge and gradual token appreciation, by focusing on value-add real estate and validator node expansion while enabling community ownership through its innovative tokenisation process. The native $BRICKS token powers the operations of the overall DAO and plays the governance role within the ecosystem, giving holders decision-making opportunities.

Finishing Touches

As Bricklayer ventures into this pivotal journey, it echoes the evolving mindset of professionals seeking more impactful, innovative, and inclusive opportunities. Bricklayer’s mission is to redefine the way real estate investment operates and a redistribution of wealth via tokenisation, it beckons enthusiasts and professionals alike to participate in this pioneering venture that promises to shape the future of real world assets (RWA) in Web3.

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