Centrepoint: Shaping the future of retail

Prioritising customer comfort was paramount in the development of the all-new Centrepoint

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Published: Fri 9 Feb 2024, 12:42 PM

The newly revamped Centrepoint store offers a plethora of features designed to prioritise the needs of customers, positioning it as the ultimate retail experience that seamlessly integrates online and offline elements. The primary goal is to encourage shoppers to embrace a fresh approach at their preferred destination.

The interior design showcases a modern layout where each section—Babyshop, Splash, Shoemart and Lifestyle—retains its unique charm while harmonising with the overall aesthetic. Digitally enhanced open-concept store fronts and clear pathways with interactive digital interfaces and LED screens create a futuristic ambiance while facilitating product display and shopper convenience.

Fashion zones prominently located at the store entrance feature an inviting, spacious design to attract customers. Throughout the retail space, designated 'Hot Spots' adorned with distinctive designs on pillars showcase the complete product range of the respective areas, promoting cross-selling opportunities across concepts.

The core focus during the conceptualisation of the new store design and features was to enhance customer convenience and provide a seamless shopping journey. This includes expedited check-out processes through self-service stations and designated Click and Collect areas, enabling customers to easily shop online and retrieve their orders from their preferred store.

Prioritising customer comfort was paramount in the development of the all-new Centrepoint. By incorporating smart technology, modern design elements, and leisure amenities, the aim is to attract millennial shoppers while maintaining appeal for children and families, thus ensuring the store's continued relevance and popularity.

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