BEEAH Environment Services Launches MARASI


Published: Wed 30 Nov 2022, 10:34 PM

BEEAH Environment Services, the environmental consulting, research, and innovation business of Middle East sustainability pioneer BEEAH Group, announced the launch of MARASI. MARASI is a digital waste manifest platform, which streamlines, tracks and profiles waste from ports of entry to the point of material recovery, recycling or disposal. Essentially, the platform ensures integrity throughout the waste management chain. It enables quality control and validates the type of waste being transported across each point. MARASI is among a comprehensive portfolio of digital solutions from BEEAH Group aimed at accelerating sustainable impact.

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“MARASI is a game-changer in that it is a one-stop solution that integrates all waste management requirements, from the point of arrival at the port, to transportation, and finally processing. As a fully integrated digital platform, it also saves manhours and paperwork throughout the waste management chain. At the same time, it counters issues such as illegal dumping and inaccurate representations of waste. Shipping agents can use the platform to initiate a ‘waste manifest’, or a document that tracks the movement of hazardous waste, by uploading critical details such as trade licenses, source of the waste, the different types of waste and their quantities. The platform also offers an option regarding special procedures for the disposal of hazardous waste. Once a waste manifest has been created, an authorised waste transportation provider is contracted through the platform to transport the waste to processing facility. Inspectors on site also use the portal to verify the information in the waste manifest before proceeding with the recycling and disposal. If the information is inaccurate or incomplete, the inspectors can reject the incoming waste and reinitiate the waste manifest process,” said Mohamed Al Hosani, Chief Sustainability Officer, BEEAH Group

“Having access to all this information on one platform will reduce the time necessary for key decision making and allow for port authorities to dedicate additional time and resources to other matters that require their attention. In addition, having access to services beyond the port will ensure that the process of moving the waste is safer and more streamlined,” added Mohamed Al Hosani.

MARASI is the first-of-its-kind implementation of an online waste manifest platform in Sharjah that will create an integrated digital database to improve visibility as well as decision-making along the waste management chain. Port Khalid is the first port in Sharjah that will utilise the new online platform before expanding to serve other ports in the emirate.

It is is designed to empower various groups across the entire waste management chain including port authorities, inspectors, shipping agents, and waste processing facilities. Through MARASI, port authorities now have access to procedures that are simpler and more efficient; while inspectors are able to quickly verify the different types of waste and how it has to be processed. Shipping agents, in turn, don’t have to waste valuable time looking for transport options, as MARASI allows them to find and book reliable transportation. For waste processing facilities, there is more visibility on incoming waste, making operations safer and faster.

In addition to cutting back on processing times, MARASI plays a large role in the identification and recovery of valuable material. The platform also reduces paperwork and turnaround time at ports, while minimising the risk of non-compliance related incidents.

“By launching MARASI, we are accelerating the UAE’s commitments to a circular economy as well as a zero-waste future. Not only this, but MARASI also plays a key role in minimising the environmental impact of waste management on the environment. Different types of waste can be processed through specialised solutions, instead of defaulting to landfill based solutions. As the pace of digital transformation continues to accelerate across the UAE and the region, it is our hope that solutions such as MARASI, which combine technology with sustainability, will play a greater role in building the smart cities of the future,” added Al Hosani.

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