Aeon & Trisl Real Estate announced as Emaar's No.1 Agency at Q1 Broker Awards 2024

The prestigious honour marks the second consecutive time that this Dubai-based international agency has received such a distinguished accolade

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Published: Thu 23 May 2024, 4:09 PM

At the Emaar Quarter 1 Broker Awards 2024, Aeon & Trisl Real Estate has reaffirmed its dominance in the global real estate market by securing the No.1 position once again. This prestigious honour, awarded at an elaborate event held at The Address Skyview Hotel in Dubai, marks the second consecutive time that this Dubai-based international agency has received such a distinguished accolade, reaffirming its status as an industry giant.

Innovation and continued achievements are among the hallmarks of Aeon & Trisl Real Estate under Saleem Karsaz, the Group CEO. Its relentless pursuit of perfection and modern approach have established it as a leader not just in the UAE, but also in Pakistan and the UK. "This accomplishment is proof of our unyielding commitment to excellence and our pledge to give unrivalled value to our customers,” said Saleem Karsaz. "Our success has been driven by our team’s unwavering dedication, professionalism, and client-centric approach."

The Emaar Broker Awards, known for recognising outstanding performance and exceptional contributions to the sector, are one of the most anticipated events on the real estate calendar. Aeon & Trisl's victory at this year’s Q1 awards highlights their strong market performance and the high levels of trust and satisfaction from their customers. This consecutive win, following their No.1 position in the Annual Broker Awards 2023, underscores the company's consistent excellence.

Aeon & Trisl’s success is built on integrity, innovation, and customer satisfaction. The company's commitment to these core principles has propelled it to significant achievements, maintaining its position as a frontrunner in the fiercely competitive real estate sector. Karsaz oversees and guides his ambitious enterprise, continually pushing boundaries, surpassing conventional standards, and establishing elevated benchmarks.

The Emaar Broker Awards acknowledge the contributions of Aeon & Trisl, its partners, and its global sales team. The combined efforts of these groups have been pivotal in the organisation's successful growth trajectory. In line with its global expansion, Aeon & Trisl is committed to enhancing its range of services to deliver greater value to clients.

"Our team's accomplishments make us proud," said Karsaz, "and we are honoured by our clients’ trust. This award will push us to keep pushing further boundaries."

Looking ahead, Aeon & Trisl is poised to build on its success and continue its winning streak. The company’s strategic vision includes further strengthening its market presence, expanding its international reach, and innovating its service delivery to meet the evolving needs of its clients.

In an industry where excellence is the standard, Aeon & Trisl Real Estate stands out as a beacon of success. The company’s remarkable achievements at the Emaar Q1 Broker Awards 2024 and Annual Broker Awards 2023 are a clear indication of its leadership and commitment to excellence. As it celebrates this historic accomplishment, Aeon & Trisl looks forward to redefining industry standards and setting new benchmarks in the global real estate market.

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