How to deck up your home for Eid Al-Adha

If you are planning to throw a nice dinner party at home, here are some ideas you can try out

By Chakshika Sharma

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Published: Thu 16 Jun 2022, 6:44 PM

Eid is a very special occasion, not only because of its cultural and religious significance but the bliss that comes along with it. It is when friends and families come together to celebrate the blessings and create beautiful memories. If you are planning to throw a nice dinner party at home, here are some ideas you can try out at home.

Ornate carpets

While decorating for special occasions people usually focus on ceiling, wall décor and table décor. What we usually forget is floor décor, which is just as important as any other thing. Add a beautiful carpet in your open living area and see how it changes the overall look of the place. The intricate designs, fine knots and softness of the texture will lend a comforting vibe to your room and make it look enthralling and serene.

Decorate your prayer room

The prayer room is one of the most spiritually powerful corners of the home. It fills your heart with positive vibrations and helps you connect with the Almighty. So, spruce up the serenity of the space by decorating your prayer room with some beautiful lights, drapes, and prayer mats. Try putting some good artwork or frames with some surahs on the wall. These are believed to spread positivity and protect you from negative energy.

New wall décor

Adding glitzy curtains, such as damask patterned curtains, can add a festive touch to your house. It creates a pattern that is both bold and intricate. Fabrics, on the other hand, should be coordinated with the rest of the interiors. Shades of beige, maroon, and golden can jazz up the entire space, lending a warm and welcoming vibe. Replace your bland bedsheets with gleaming gold embroidered bedsheets in addition to upholsteries. Lighting is also a critical element in interior décor, so you can use sheer curtains along with normal ones.

Create your own special corner

Turn your balcony into a beautiful hangout space for the guests. Add some white curtains, potted plants, and comfortable seating to create a cozy vibe. This can be achieved indoors also by hanging some fairy lights, string of wreath, stars and moon décor piece. You can also make a corner to arrange gifts and some decorative elements. Its an excellent way to inculcate traditional values among the kids in a jovial way. Display traditional metal crockery and old fashioned table wear for the festive effect.

Flowers & candles

Eid decorations are all about bringing vibrancy and an air of freshness into the home. Fresh flowers enhance the happy energy. Well, why to use a fancy vase for keeping flowers, when you can use a glass, kettle or a mason jar to do the same. To amp up the ambiance, use decorative candles or Arabian lanterns. They come in various shapes and sizes, from the ornate, metallic ones to the glass beauties.

Sharma is an architect at Designsmith

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