How should your home look in 2022? A few tips and tricks...

Dubai - Check out some of these trendsetting designs for the new year

By Chakshika Sharma

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3d rendering. modern living room in townhouse.
3d rendering. modern living room in townhouse.

Published: Wed 29 Dec 2021, 2:48 PM

Last updated: Wed 29 Dec 2021, 2:50 PM

Since new year is almost here, we cannot help but think about what the new wave will bring in. The pandemic has also presented us with an opportunity to reflect on what matters the most in our personal and professional lives. And this has impacted our interiors as well. People are increasingly preferring comfortable, easy and something that reflects their personal style rather than extravagant expressions. Here are some of the trends that are likely to dominate home decor in the new year.

Continue bringing the outdoors in!

Our love affair with greens, blues and earthy tones has only grown deeper in the past year. Researchers have shown that being close to nature not only affects people’s moods, but also improves their health condition, like lowering stress levels. In the coming year, we can see the rise of bamboo, rattan, dried flowers and leaf motifs. Interiors will be cool and optimistic but not cold. Terracotta paint and material itself has been growing in use as it depicts nature so well.

Start the year with some lavender touch!

Neutrals will take a backseat in the coming year as many designers will start to experiment with the pantone colour of the year ‘very peri’ and vivifying red with the undertones of blue. The use of colour encourages personal innovation and creativity. We also believe that terracotta paint will be in the use for a while. Overlaying red helps you get away from reality for a while. Monochromatic rooms could set in, and it will feel like a big giant hug.

The organic mode

While we are spending more time indoors than outdoors, biophilic design has emerged in various contexts but next year, we will start to get inspired from natural materials like travertine, stoneware, marble to be used in bathtubs and across backsplashes in kitchen and TV wall units. The raw and imperfect nature of these materials add soul to the room and blends in calming ambience to the interiors.

Now is the time to go vintage

With the environment awareness and shortage of new supply , there is greater awareness on upcycling. I think the use of vintage materials and furniture will set the trend. Vintage collection is not only a sustainable and efficient solution but also adds unique character to the space. Remodelling of the old and used into something new, we are reducing our footprint on the planet while also embracing our rich history. Vintage collection not only includes wall hangings or decorative antiques but also furniture upcycles and use of materials like sheepskin, faux pas leather.

Keep on playing with the curves

One thing that everyone has set their mind on is that interiors should feel as good as they look. The use of feminine touch with the rounded detailing elements and curvilinear furniture styles will continue to impact interior design trends in one way or the other. With curves, we do not mean over-the-top, exaggerated pieces but something subtle with soft finishes that feel cozy and chic yet comfortable.

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