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Published: Thu 14 Oct 2021, 11:11 PM

Dramatic, striking and versatile: such is the spectacle of a sizzler. This unique dish is known for its signature-style of preparation and the irresistible assembly of succulent meat, exotic greens, delicious sauces, rice or noodles and a choice of your favourite accompaniments. Here are the best picks for steaming-hot sizzlers around the UAE:

By Michelle Young

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Yoko Sizzlers

One of the oldest restaurants to bring the taste of sizzlers to the city. Their mammoth menu features over 60 varieties of the sizzling hot plate from steaks, mutton, chicken, seafood and vegetarian sizzlers. The sizzler experience is elevated with their eight in-house secret sauces to choose from. Try their Kentucky Chicken Sizzler, which is egg-coated and deep-fried chicken, with boiled vegetables, french fries or mashed potato, and garlic/pepper sauce.

Location: Al Karama

Average cost: (for two) Dh180

Kobe Sizzlers

Their habitués are many for their beyond-comparison sizzlers. Dive into an array of vegetarian and non-vegetarian sizzlers that feature some favourite Indian cuisines like Paneer/ Chicken Shashlik served with steamed veggies, choice of sauces and fried chips or mashed potatoes. If you are an avid Indo-Chinese food, try their Manchurian Chinese Sizzler, or Chicken Pasta Sizzler, Chicken Exotica which entices with an interesting mix of bell peppers, broccoli, baby corn, pok chow, rice with garlic sauce.

Location: Al Karama

Average cost: (for two) Dh130

Back to Grills

Head to this restaurant if you are on a hunt for some piping hot sizzlers. Bathed in aromatic spices, the meat is marinated for 24 hours and their unconventional accompaniments range from pickled beet and gherkins, herbed rice, Caribbean rice, lamb shanks barbecued in harissa marinade, charred veggies, parmigiana potatoes, meat ribs slow-grilled in gochujang and kimchi. Isn’t there a lot to drool over?

Location: Oud Metha

Average cost: (for two) Dh145


Their limited-time ‘Sizzling Winters’ menu brings the taste of India on sizzlers, and how! Prepared by marinating meat and covering it with a cloth to keep the flavours together, then cooking it over a hot wood fire, their sizzlers retain the classic Indian flavours. Indulging in ‘Purani Delhi Ka Butter Chicken Sizzler’, ‘Ghost Nazakat Boti’ or ‘Tawa Machhli’ is like taking a trip down memory lane.

Location: Mirdiff City Centre, Dubai Marina Mall

Average cost: (for two) Dh190

Winny’s Restaurant & Confectionary

With almost an infinite menu for the lovers of the sizzling dishes, get ready to ne spoilt for choice with their Prawns Shanghai, Spring Chicken, Dragon Chicken, Fish Tikka, Garlic Steak and Tandoori Prawns sizzler. Vegetarians can also enjoy their juicy tender paneer and crispy veg sizzlers.

Location: Al Karama

Average cost: (for two) Dh85

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