Easy tips to design your baby's nursery


Dubai - Redo, and rediscover, your safe space with these home decor tricks

By Liza Pinto

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Published: Thu 26 Aug 2021, 7:37 PM

Baby on the way and having a hard time deciding what to put in their nursery? Don’t worry, you aren’t the only ‘to-be-parent’ looking for ideas…

We have got a few budget-friendly, jaw-dropping design ideas for your nursery that will help you create the perfect environment for your baby’s health, growth and overall development for their wellbeing.

Pick a theme

Did you know infants are able to perceive colour by the time they are two to three months old? Yes, colour and theme play an important role while designing a nursery.

You can pick a monochromatic theme. Sounds boring? This theme is made aesthetically appealing by using different patterns and textures and different intensities of the same colour.

Accent colours may be added to the space using accessories, such as curtains, cushions, area rugs.


The first furniture that comes to our mind when we think of a nursery is a crib, but a nursery can also include baby chair, changing table, wardrobe and compact toy storage.

Functionality, quality and safety are important factors to keep in mind before purchasing a furniture item. Make sure you have soft edges around!


Keeping aside furnishings and safety, the ambience plays an equally important role for the proper development of infants.

Ambience must focus on play fostered by toys, stimulating objects and music. These include chime toys, toys that play lullabies or have light and sound that play soothing music, stuffed animals, baby dolls and plush rattles.

Flooring and rugs

A significant amount of kids’ time is spent on the floor. Whether they are sleeping, wide awake, or busy playing, providing a comfortable and safe place for them to play is a must, along with it being easy to clean.

A rug can be provided for an extra-cozy baby’s nursery but make sure you wash and vacuum it regularly to ensure it’s clean and dust-free.

Avoid clutter

Try having a minimalist approach to your design while having a good amount of storage spaces so you can put their things away and not let them be left on the floor as your baby will move all around the room and you don’t want them to trip over something and hurt themselves.


Before designing a space, the architectural principles of size, proportion, line, balance, harmony and rhythm may make assessing the space and selecting objects for the room much easier. While designing any space, functionality and practicality are the two most important factors to be kept in mind.


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