UAE: Expat yoga expert sets 10th world record

She has applied for the Guinness Book of World records.


Nandini Sircar

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Published: Sat 25 Dec 2021, 10:32 AM

Holding nine World Records in yoga and advocating veganism, Indian expat Amrutha Anand completed her 10th world record in yoga at India Pavilion’s Expo 2020 stage by maintaining the longest time in Yoganidrasana for 22 minutes.

The Indian expat who originally hails from the south Indian state of Tamil Nadu and is a computer science engineer, arrived in the UAE in November 2021.

But no sooner did she set foot on the UAE soil, her passion for yoga and the Expo 2020 platform enabled her to enter the Limca Book of World Records, once again, bringing her further acknowledgement for her perseverance.

Meanwhile, she has also applied for the Guinness Book of World records. “They have approved my application and now I am in the process of sending the documents to them. I am extremely happy about it.”, says Amrutha.

“When I was 10 years old, my mother introduced yoga to me. She was a professor of yoga at the Annamalai University (Tamil Nadu). Since then, I have been pursuing yoga. Every day, I practice for one-and-a half hours. Here my husband facilitated everything for me and made the needful arrangements and introduced me to the Expo 2020 Dubai stage”, says the woman who holds a doctorate degree in yoga.

Amrutha performs world records to promote plant-based diet, which she feels are effective to reverse lifestyle disorders like diabetes, obesity. Her main motive is to create a 'society without medicine'.

She is also the first person to have performed 108 Yoga Postures while floating on water.

“I performed ‘Floating Aqua Yoga’ by performing over 100 yoga postures while floating, without my legs touching the ground. The benefits of floating include relief from stress, muscular pain, rheumatism, chronic pain, fatigue, improving fertility, high blood pressure, migraine headache, jetlag, as well as helping with anxiety, insomnia, back pain, depression, pre-menstrual tension and post-natal depression,”says the Indian expat.

Her yoga marathon feat and other earlier yoga records include accomplishments like the ‘Longest Laghu Vajrasana posture’ for maintaining the advanced backbend posture steadily and for the longest duration at 20 minutes in Tiruchi, India.

Amrutha completed her advanced yoga teacher training course at the Sivananda Ashram.

“I also entered the record books for performing 2,018 Yoga poses in four hours on International Yoga Day Celebration at Kuala Lumpur, in Malaysia. Then I performed the Parsva Poorna Dhanurasana for 15 minutes 10 seconds at the Great Wall of China, Beijing”, says the yoga expert.

She has been given certificates from (Puducherry-based) Assist World Records, Limca book of records, India book of records, and online world records.

“through my nascent yoga classes that I have just begun in the UAE -- using my techniques --  I help reverse people’s health issues. Back pain is a major issue that I have identified in people here.”


She also gives free online yoga classes to several students while spreading awareness for a healthy diet that she emphasises, ultimately increases everyone’s wellbeing.

“I specialise in aqua yoga. My M.Phil research was in aqua yoga. During my research I learnt how aqua yoga reduces obesity in women. Some people have this misconception that for yoga the body needs to be flexible. But we can maintain some simple mudras and do ‘pranayama’ and we can see the changes. This is how I treat my students and invariably, after a certain span of time and proper practice they experience a positive change in them”, adds the veteran yogi.

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