Airline bans mother over assaulting staff member


Ryanair bans mother

Abiodun was forced to miss her flight.

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Published: Mon 14 Oct 2019, 1:43 PM

Last updated: Mon 14 Oct 2019, 4:02 PM

A family holiday was ruined for a mother-of-two from London after she was banned from flying on Ryanair over allegations that she assaulted a staff member.
Adedoyin Abiodun, mother-of-two, was flying with her family to Bordeaux, France, to celebrate her cousin's birthday and claimed to have paid Ryanair extra for priority boarding. Once at the London Stansted Airport, they were told they had only booked priority for their return flight and were sent to the back of the non-priority customer queue.
But Abiodun claims since they had overpacked for holiday, her husband booked priority boarding on the Ryanair website so they could take extra suitcases. But the website crashed and did not show them to be priority customers after their money was deducted for the same. Hence, the couple assumed the priority booking had worked because Ryanair had taken the money for priority boarding.
According to reports in, Abiodun told that a female staff member behaved 'aggressively' and that the other staff members were a 'mad mob of hooligans' who treated her 'like a criminal' for no reason.
An argument ensued over the issue and police were called after Abiodun was accused of 'slapping' a Ryanair worker. "I said, how would I? I haven't touched her. How did I slap her? We haven't made physical contact. There was no slap whatsoever," Abiodun said.
Abiodun who was traveling with her husband, daughter, son and his girlfriend, was forced to miss her flight. They later received an email stating that Abiodun was banned for life from all Ryanair flights. "I am amazed that they really expected me to come back and book with them after they way they've treated me and my family and completely ruined our family holiday," Abiodun added.
Ryanair spokesperson confirmed Abiodun had been banned for life as she became disruptive.

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