Son dies of drug overdose as mother refuses police help


Son dies of drug overdose as mother refuses police help

Ras Al Khaimah - Three Emirati young men surrendered themselves to the RAK police for help to quit drugs

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Published: Sun 15 Jan 2017, 3:16 PM

Last updated: Mon 16 Jan 2017, 8:11 AM

A mother is in general most caring for and compassionate about her children. However, some might unintentionally harm theirs by covering their bad deeds or failing to protect against evil circles or show them the right way.
This is actually what happened with an Emirati mother here who was so worried about her heroin-addict son but erringly did not seek assistance from the bodies concerned to help him quit this 'chronic disease'.
The mother, despite being well aware of her son's addiction, surprisingly lodged a complaint against the anti-narcotics men for tracking down her son, according to Col Adnan Ali Al Zaabi, director of the anti-narcotics department, RAK Police.
"Our competent staffers were sure that her son was doing drugs, and have repetitively alerted and warned his mother and relatives, but to our surprise, she complained against us."
Tragically, the addict son died of heroin overdose just five days after her complaint, Col Al Zaabi said. "The distraught mother was in a total shock," he said. "Parents are urged to closely keep an eye on their kids, check on their friends, and be sure that the places they go to are safe enough."
Families must be on the front lines in the war against narcotics, and takes the first responsibility for protecting their kids, Col Al Zaabi underlined. "The RAK police spare no effort in developing public awareness against drugs which do not represent a phenomenon but everybody has to chip in the anti-narcotics war."
Recently, three Emirati young men surrendered themselves to the RAK police for help to quit drugs following an enlightening presentation by the anti-narcotics team on a mock detention of a drug dealer while selling narcotics to an addict as part of the annual Awafi festival.
"Our message is well received by a wide range of people in these gatherings where we better develop public awareness against the hazards of narcotics and the best way to give up these 'poisons'."
More attention has been given to the latest amendment introduced to Article No (43) of the federal law (8) of the year (2016), he added. "As per the amendment, no lawsuit shall be filed against any drug abusers in case he surrenders himself to the police, or informed about by up to a second degree relative."
The RAK police are all set to attend to any report on drug dealers, smugglers or abusers round the clock on toll (999). "The anti-narcotics department of the RAK police shall fight anyone involved in drugs smuggling, trafficking, or consuming with zero tolerance," pledged Col Al Zaabi.
Advising, he said a drug abuser can be easily identified from a set of indications, spanning his regular absence, being late outdoors for long hours, his abnormal response and reactions, let alone his laziness and reddish eyes.
The anti-narcotics men, well trained on understanding body language, have recently foiled a smuggling bid at the RAK International Airport where "a drug smuggler, Asian, looked anxious and tired, and later proved to have been hiding a large amount of narcotic pills, worth Dh1 million, in his guts."
Late in November last year, the RAK police have foiled two attempts to smuggle 3kg of heroin, worth Dh1.5 million - 1k in the first, and 2kg in the second at the RAK International Airport.
Studies show that young people aging 14-20 are not well aware of the consequences of addiction to drugs, of which some are affordable and easily accessible, he stated. "They easily fall prey to wicked drug dealers."
Speaking to Khaleej Times, Legal Adviser Mohammed Fawzi said a jail term of seven to ten years shall be issued against whoever convicted of smuggling drugs into the country, as per the punitive law here. "The accused shall also be ordered to pay a fine of Dh50,000 to Dh200,000, as deemed fit by the court."
Roua Abd Elalim, a pharmacist, told Khaleej Times that heroin abuse is associated with serious health conditions, spanning fatal overdose, spontaneous abortion."It also leads to infectious diseases, like AIDS and hepatitis."

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