Would You Do It?


Would You Do It?

Dubai - What's wrong with going solo to the silver screen by yourself?

By Maán Jalal

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Published: Sun 9 Jul 2017, 12:58 PM

Last updated: Mon 10 Jul 2017, 5:38 PM

Here's a question for you. Ever been to the movies alone? I mean really alone. Bought your ticket, popcorn and a drink, walked into the theater, sat down and watched a whole film by yourself, no friends, no family, no significant other/weird date. No? Well, I just might be judging you.
Personally, I've been going to the movies by myself for a long time. In fact, I can't even remember the first time I broke this social taboo that I never even realised existed. I'm a big fan of the movies. I will literary watch anything that looks good. I'm not a genre snob either and definitely appreciate a good foreign film.
My friends however, are not as open to watching as many films as I'd like to. So, from a very young age, when I wanted to watch a movie that none of my friends or family were interested in checking out, it seemed only natural that I go by myself. When I happened to mention to a friend that I commonly engage on solo cinema trips, I was given an "education" about how abnormal it was.
People will think you have no friends. So? People will think you're weird. So? People will think you're a loser! So? I just find it peculiar that if someone were to watch a movie at home alone no one would really find it that odd, would they?
In my adult life, when I've found myself dragged and stuck "in the club" with friends in an attempt to, you know, generally follow the prescribed rites of passage we must as millennials (though a slightly older millennial) go through, I could think of a hundred million places I'd much rather be.
The music is loud, the room is smoky and people are acting like idiots. One of the worst feelings in the world, in my opinion, is being in a smoky club, then yawning, then your eyes watering, then the smoke stinging your eyes, then your friends telling you to stop yawning and come dance but all you want to do is cry because your eyes are stinging but you know if you cry they'll just sting more.
The times (which are far more than I'd like to admit) in which I have found myself in that specific situation, I'm struck by the sudden realisation that I'm a grown man and can do whatever I like. And so, when whatever current club banger is reaching the climax of the chorus, without telling my friends, I would walk backwards into the darkest corner of the club, escape out of the exit and jump into a taxi. Usually I'd make my way home, but often I head to the closest cinema instead and watch a film. Don't care how late it is, I'll get my popcorn, sit bam smack in the middle of the theater and watch. If you haven't tried it, then you seriously haven't lived. It's way better than being stuck in the club.

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