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Transform your body with dance

Published: Sun 25 Sep 2016, 3:53 PM

Last updated: Tue 27 Sep 2016, 3:22 PM

Being a dance and fitness enthusiast, I entered Transformers Dance Studio (TDS) in Bur Dubai with the main aim of enjoying dancing for an hour. Having tried Zumba for over three years and eating healthy over the past couple of months, I was more than confident about my fitness level. I was wrong.
While dancing with my dance instructors, Anup Bharadwaj, Akshay Dhoke and Sarthak Mahendru I was tired within twenty minutes. There were women of all ages dancing along with me with full energy. My eyes were constantly searching for at least one person who would give up, allowing me to not be the first one to back out. I later learnt that these students have been religiously following this workout session for many months - some for many years.
  Dance instructor Anup is also the winner of Nach Baliye 7 in the UAE. "We always start with a warm up which includes a lot of stretches! Thereafter, it's just constant dancing non stop which includes a lot of dancing (cardio) and a blend of stretches," said Anup, who is also one of the owners of Transformers Dance Studio, while talking to City Times.
The owners and trainers of this studio have always had a passion for dance and have always believed in spreading their knowledge. So what is in store for students in their classes?
"We believe we have the power to transform our students - not just in dance terms but also emotionally, mentally, and physically. Dance helps you relieve stress, makes you happy, makes you feel positive, and gives you self-confidence - in a way. We make it a point to be smiling in every class as happiness is addictive! When we laugh, joke and keep the atmosphere light and fun, our students enjoy our sessions a lot more! We have had so many parents tell us how much our dance sessions have helped their kids open up, become confident and how they're happier after class. Every child needs a break from their school routines and tuitions and dance is the solution! As you grow older, your muscles get drier and tighter and it becomes so important to maintain flexibility to have a strong core and back. Dance does that for you if you take it on religiously! That's why we're called Transformers - transforming lives, transforming bodies, transforming individuals!" said Anup.
Anup, Akshay and Sarthak came down to the UAE from India about  four years back. Most of their clients have lost 5-8 kilos on average through their classes while there are quite a few who have also lost beyond 10-15 kilos while attending their classes over many years.
How many of your clients have lost weight while dancing with you?
Oh... We've lost count! We've had so many clients rave about our Trans-Fit sessions - they're so much fun, they don't feel like a regular workout class! In our fitness classes, students burn up to 1200 calories! We also do kickboxing, boot camps and circuit training over weekends to boost the calorie burn rate. Our Trans-Fit (Weight Loss Program) is a high-energy workout designed for all fitness levels whether you are a new or an experienced dancer. Our clients get to experience the joy of moving to music while improving their stamina and burning at least 400-600 calories per class! Trans-Fit also incorporates light weights for strengthening and toning. These are one of our most packed sessions for the ladies! We have 11 classes per week.

TDS offers classes in jazz, contemporary, hip-hop  and other dance forms from the age group of 3 onwards. Check them out on
I love dancing and I have been learning dance with Sarthak sir who brought out the confidence in me. After that, I learnt new dance forms with the wonderful teachers at TDS who are so patient and friendly. Right now I'm learning jazz from Anup sir and lyrical from Akshay sir. I'm also doing my private sessions with Anup Sir who's also helping me in my postures. I want to thank all my 3 teachers for teaching me DANCE."
Kaira Dharamatsu Pal
I have been with them for the last 4 years. I love dancing. I started dancing when I was three and I am dancing with Anup, Sarthak and Akshay since I was seven. They have a lot of life in them and they teach a lot of new stuff. I always feel awake, energetic and happy after my dance class."
Muskaan Asif

I have lost 9 kilos in 3 months and not just that, I also feel more confident and happy.... their daily classes are very effective, enjoyable and makes me smile all day. Thursday evenings are with some calorie killing and fun filled Punjabi beats with Sarthak; Fridays are dedicated for lot of kick boxing and toning with Anup, finally Akshay's boot camp is very intensive every Saturday."
Kinshuk Pandya

Mallika Sharma's journey from 75 to 48 kilos!
A four-year journey from obesity to skinny and finally toned and fit!

"About 7 years ago, I was 75 kilos and always wore black, long and loose tops. All the compliments I received were related to 'cute', which always had the hidden word 'chubby' for me. I was quite inactive as a child. But after my university got over I started with yoga and some crash diets which over a year made me reach 67 kilos. I tried yoga but got bored quickly and stopped midway. I used to hate having my pictures taken and hardly have any of my old pictures, which is the reason why some people didn't recognise me after my weight loss.
One fine day I heard about Tanaaz and Bakhtiyar opening their dance institute, where I met Anup, the 'transformer 'for me. I started meal delivery with Mitun De Sarkar and that was a great decision as I never felt I was dieting. But since my body was quite loose, the real transformation happened with exercise. Anup's patience and persistence changed me and today I'm an insane fitness freak.
Four years ago, he introduced dance/fitness, weight training, boot camps, and running which I am addicted to. With food control and an ongoing workout routine, I reached 48kgs . For me, TDS truly signifies pure transformation because the team has done that for many women. I am single and have a hectic work schedule, but there are a lot of young mothers who look superb with the classes at TDS.
I believe every person's body is a temple and crash diets are sinful.  Most of all, a happy person loses weight faster and looks better too!"

As told to Arti Dani

By Arti Dani

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