The Dubai Summer Surprises is upon us. With barely 17 days to go for the start of the long summer event, Modhesh, the quintessential DSS brand ambassador is out on the road to draw home the point that the event is approaching fast.

By A Staff Reporter

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Published: Tue 7 Jun 2005, 11:51 AM

Last updated: Thu 2 Apr 2015, 6:20 PM

Early morning motorists on the Maktoum Bridge are in for a huge surprise with the harbinger of the summer event hanging on the Skywalk Bridge of the Marriott Executive Apartments.

His colourful presence there, on the giant underpass posters, shopping malls venues and public places, manage to bring instant smile to the faces of the passersby thus adding on new members to his long list of fan club. With his sunny disposition, energy, enthusiasm and optimistic outlook on life, Modhesh is not only the perfect mascot for Dubai Summer Surprises (DSS) but also an embodiment of all that Dubai itself represents. “Born” in 2000 as a jack-in-the-box always saying “surprise!”, Modhesh was conceived by the DSS team as a mascot who would be instantly identified with the event.

In 2001, Modhesh took his current form with a full body and two feet, and has come to stay as a three-dimensional epitome of the Dubai Summer Surprises logo besides capturing the hearts and imaginations of both children and adults ever since. It’s little surprise that his name, which means amazing in Arabic, was inspired by an Arabian landscape of adventure. To parents, Modhesh is a model child and to children, he is a best friend.

His accordion body is a clear sign that Modhesh is always on the go. With a giggle and a jump he’s off to explore the world and meet new friends. Along with a broad smile, he has seven little tufts of hair in alternating yellow and blue, like rays of sunshine dancing above his head. Modhesh’s positive outlook means that every new challenge and every new surprise fills him with joy and wonder. He’s at his happiest when surrounded by friends, with whom he can share his world and its new and unexpected surprises. Parents appreciate his upstanding character and ability to handle challenges. They admire his constructive and motivating spirit and that, although a child, he is responsible about his behaviour and careful with his toys and things that belong to others.

Children can’t resist his friendly disposition that is a warm invitation to join him in whatever activity he’s engaged in throughout the long period of the DSS. Every child knows in his heart that he is bound to have a great time when Modhesh is around. In fact, his ability to see the fun and joy in the people, events and places around him makes him a role model not only for children, but for adults as well.

Modhesh loves Dubai Summer Surprises because every week of the festival brings in its wake a new theme and a new adventure that satiates his thirst for knowledge, exploration and the quest to make new friends. In fact, being the star of DSS, the happy-go-lucky mascot is the real binding force behind the 10 theme-specific surprises that makes the ultimate success of the event. Despite his busy schedule, the mascot with the golden heart always finds time to visit the sick and special needs children at hospitals and rehabilitation centres.

In his pursuit of reaching out to all sections of the society he goes out of his way to spread his bubbly fun and optimism among human beings. He also leaves his mark behind in the wide range of merchandise including souvenirs, gifts, toys and many other products that boys and girls of all age groups can take home and keep company for a long time to come. His unannounced appearances at various shopping malls, hotels and road shows manage to gather new fans whose numbers grow by the day.

The ten-week long DSS 2005 begins with the Flower Surprises on June 22 and continues till September 2.

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