The girl's guide to life

From getting spiders out of the bath to walking downstairs in high heels and making a dress out of a bin liner, Bunty Cutler's newbook is a witty guide to glamorous living

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Published: Mon 1 Oct 2007, 11:47 AM

Last updated: Sun 5 Apr 2015, 12:41 AM

girlYou can make out how a man feels about you from his body language

BACK IN the old days, there were huge tomes including the Bumper Book For Girls that told you how to do all sorts of essential things such as build campfires and darn stockings. Nowadays, with gas barbecues and 24-hour supermarkets selling tights, these skills aren't quite so essential.

However, every girl needs to know how to mix the perfect cocktail, tell whether a man fancies her, wolf whistle and how to get out of a car without flashing her knickers. That's where 211 Things A Bright Girl Can Do comes in.

How to tell when a man fancies you

LOOK for an erect posture: a man who fancies you will subconsciously pull in his gut, stand or sit up more erect and puff out his chest.

Standing with hands on hips or sitting with legs spread are obvious signs of attraction. He might also preen, straightening his tie, smoothing his hair and so on.

Check out his body position: if he turns his body, or even just his feet, towards you, that's a positive. And look at his eyes: dilated pupils suggest he likes you. If he's focusing on your eyes, holding your gaze longer than normal and glancing downwards, the writing's on the wall.

How to care for shoes

SHOP for shoes at the end of the day, when your feet are slightly larger, otherwise your new shoes will only fit you in the morning. Wear tights when buying shoes that you will normally be wearing with tights — it makes a difference.

Polish leather shoes while they are still soft and warm from wearing. Never dry shoes over heat: they go hard. Instead, stuff with newspaper and allow to dry slowly.

Keep them sweet-smelling by putting orange peel (or a lavender or lemongrass-soaked tissue) inside them overnight.

How to meet your ex's new girlfriend

PREPARE for the worst but hope for the best. Always start off with grace and style. Never look as if you've tried too hard, but make sure your hair is good and that you're looking nice and as tall as possible. If at all possible, have your new partner hanging on your arm, or hire an escort.

How to pass off a takeaway as your own

TO SEDUCE your guests nostrils as they arrive, slowly fry an onion: it smells delicious but will never be eaten.

Meanwhile, order in the best takeaway you can afford, hide the packaging then transfer the food to nice serving dishes. Always add something of your own: cherry tomatoes, cheese and olives on a pizza; a yoghurt, cucumber and mint side dish with a curry.

A crumbled Flake added to a shop-bought pudding will make it look more homemade.

How to perfume a room in ten seconds

FORGET plug-ins or odour neutralisers, try spraying a few lightbulbs with perfume and switching them on.

In an emergency, set light to a roll of brown paper - this will successfully mask anything. For a subtler effect, cut or peel oranges or other citrus fruit.

How to make a little black dress out of a bin liner

THE LBD is always flattering and suits almost any occasion. To fashion one in an emergency, turn a bin liner bottom-up and cut a hole in the middle of the base, large enough for your head to fit through. Cut the 'front' artistically into a scoop or V-neck.

Cut armholes at each side to produce the classic sleeveless sheath.

Decorate the shoulder seam with a wide 6in strip cut from another bin liner. Tie into a small bow at each shoulder.

Nip the dress in at the waist with a couple of lengths of doubled-over bin liner taped together to form a belt. This is easier if you have your dress on at the time.

The dress should be kneelength. For the hemline there is a choice of finishes: a straight slit up one side or up the back, or tapered so it's higher at the front than the back or higher on one side than the other.

Keep legs bare or wear sheer stockings. Add classic earrings, and maybe a minimal silver or gold necklace or some pearls.

How to spot a love rat

SOME men are more likely than others to cheat on their women. Action men who like sky-diving and fast cars look for thrills wherever they can get them. If he's thrusting, powerful, charismatic and ambitious, it may not stop this side of your bedroom door.

If his dad or his mates cheat, be wary: boys learn how to treat women from both sources.

If he has a bit of a reputation for cheating on his exes or he has a lot of female friends, be wary.

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