Tanushree’s cosmetic wonder


NOTHING SEEMS to be going right for former Miss India turned actress Tanushree Dutta after the entire Nana Patekar fiasco! Bad luck seems to be following her everywhere.

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Published: Mon 18 Aug 2008, 9:30 PM

Last updated: Tue 14 Nov 2023, 12:05 PM

More recently the director of her forthcoming film Saas Bahu Aur Sensex has allegedly called Tanushree “difficult, arrogant and moody.”

A source close to Shona Urvashi reveals, “Tanushree was difficult to handle and would continuously throw tantrums and misbehave with the other cast and crew. In fact, at times Shona Urvashi would get so fed up with her because she would take more than 20 retakes for a scene whereas the other actress Masumeh Makhija, Shona’s sister, would do it in just one shot.”

Buzz is that Tanushree completely disassociated herself after shooting for the film concluded and kept cancelling her dubbing dates for the film.

Reportedly, Shona Urvashi has got Tanushree’s voice in the film dubbed and Tanushree is now worried if her director has chopped some of her scenes as well! A source close to Tanushree reveals, “Tanushree is the only popularly known face in Saas Bahu Aur Sensex. The film also has Shona’s younger sister Masumeh and so naturally Shona Urvashi doesn’t want Tanushree’s performance to overshadow her sisters!”

When we got in touch with Tanushree the actress was extremely vocal in expressing her displeasure with Shona Urvashi. She said, “Working with her Shona was a nightmare, and I don’t even want to recall that experience. I know that she has been gossiping about me and calling me names but I don’t care. This is her second film and she needs a lot of publicity but this isn’t the way to go about it.”

Recalling her terrible experience while shooting for this film Tanushree reveals, “She would harass me without a reason. She’s accusing me of giving too many takes but the truth is she’d make me repeat the same lines over and over again for hours. She wouldn’t even allow me to retreat to my van in between shots. I shot continuously for 15-hours and when I’d reach my vanity van the lights and air conditioning in it would be switched off!” But Tanushree stresses, “The film has a fantastic script so I continued taking the harassment. But it was the worst experience of my career!”

However, director Shona Urvashi refuses to comment on the issue and nor does her sister Masumeh.

Controversies seem to be following Tanushree everywhere. Recently the actress appeared looking different at a promotional event for her film sparking off rumours that she had undergone some form of cosmetic surgery. An extremely well placed source in the industry reveals, “Tanushree has definitely undergone cosmetic surgery and this piece of advice was given to her by Koena! Koena is Tanushree’s advisor in Bollywood, both of them are the thickest of friends and Koena has been advising Tanushree on everything from what films to sign to what outfit to wear!”

Koena admitted to having done jobs on her face and spoke of the bad job that was done on her nose. In fact people said that she looked more attractive before she had all this done. Koena even admitted she had to go into hiding just after the nose job because it looked so obvious. One can only wait and see if Tanushree’s altered look can help her career or will it also go down the drain like good friend Koena’s? Maybe she should work on making friends in the industry and stop upsetting filmmakers.

Said an inside source, “Tanushree is a very fine person. She just does not have tact and has many preconceived notions about certain things. So basically she is very misunderstood.”

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