Priyanka on a lucky run


Priyanka on a lucky run

PRIYANKA CHOPRA has been shooting continuously for her forthcoming releases like Dostana, Drona and Fashion and has had practically no time for anything else in the last few weeks.

By (TOI)

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Published: Mon 25 Aug 2008, 8:56 PM

Last updated: Sun 5 Apr 2015, 2:51 PM

“When I am shooting, I wake up at 4am and work till midnight,” says Priyanka.

Is she disappointed about the fate of her latest releases: God Tussi Great Ho and Love Story 2050? “I hardly had much to do in God Tussi Great Ho. But then that’s fine. It’s not easy to be commercially successful. We can’t wait for that one ‘deglamourised’ role, which will let us do our best. If I get an opportunity to be part of a successful film, I consider myself lucky,” says Priyanka.

She says of Love Story 2050, “It’s a film that will be always remembered for its special effects. We spent three years on it and I think our efforts have not gone waste.”

Priyanka says she would describe herself as someone who’s “honest and straightforward, but not indiscriminately ambitious.

The day I realise that I don’t want to get up and put on make-up for a shoot, I will give it all up!”

But isn’t honesty an overrated virtue? She says in the same breath, “Yes. It’s quite cliched isn’t it? Everyone says that but I think I am going to stick to it!”

As an actor, has she become typecast? “Actors are not cast for specific requirements. Nine out of 10 films are the same. So we do get typecast sometimes.”

Priyanka is really looking forward to Drona where she learnt, “gatka, a form of martial arts. I also loved getting ready for my role in Fashion because I left modelling long time back and it was fun getting into that kind of make-up and frame of mind.”

We can’t resist asking her about Harman Baweja, who’s rumoured and with good reasons, to be her boyfriend. Priyanka says that she met him, during “my Kathak classes. Harman is a great Kathak dancer.

I am a celebrity, so I guess it’s justified that people are curious about what goes on in my personal life.

But I don’t need to give any justification about what’s happening in my life to anyone.”

She takes film reviews as a feedback about her work.

“The film industry is full of trial and errors. I am not even trained formally as an actor. So, I consider myself to be lucky to be here and give every film my honest effort.”

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