Is Vivek committing professional suicide?

From accusing Zayed Khan of bribing Apoorva Lakhia, to refusing to promote Mission Istaanbul, Vivek Oberoi is making all the wrong moves again

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Film still from Mission Istaanbul
Film still from Mission Istaanbul

Published: Tue 29 Jul 2008, 9:51 PM

Last updated: Thu 2 Feb 2023, 5:09 PM

Vivek Oberoi is angry and upset with the entire team of Mission Istaanbul.

He has openly accused director Apoorva Lakia of favouring Zayed over him by lengthening his role.

He has gone to the extent of saying that Zayed has bribed Apoorva by giving him a very expensive watch. Things reached a head when Vivek refused to be a part of any of the promotions of Mission Istaanbul. He did not attend any of the Press conferences and refused to give any promotional interviews for the film.

Sunil Shetty had taken the dates from both Zayed and Vivek before deciding on the promo dates. Yet Vivek refused to attend.

Instead he made some scathing remarks about Apoorva suggesting that Zayed and he had conspired to cut his role.

Sunil Shetty clarified by saying, “I don’t know why Vivek does what he does.

He always rubs people the wrong way and now he has gone and upset Apoorva Lakia the director of our film. Vivek feels he has got a raw deal in the film (don’t know who has instigated him) and refuses to promote the film.”

According to sources, Vivek should be grateful to Suneil Shetty for helping him in his career. Suneil had signed Vivek for this film long before he had signed Shoot out At Lokahndwala. Even when Vivek asked for a price hike after Shootout... became a success, Suneil readily agreed. That is why he is so disappointed with Vivek’s uncalled for behaviour.

Apoorva who resurrected Vivek’s non existent film career with Shootout... is amazed at Vivek’s unprofessional behaviour. He says that nothing has been changed in the script of the film and that Vivek knew exactly what his and Zayed’s role would be.

When asked whether Zayed had gifted him an expensive watch as a gift (bribe?) Apoorva laughed at the absurdity of such a suggestion.

“Vivek’s problem is not acting, he has improved on that. His problem is something else—he has to learn to keep his mouth shut!”

Zayed hits back

Zayed Khan being hot blooded decided to hit back at Vivek. He said, “I hate anyone becoming controversial at my expense. As an actor we should be proud of our product and help promote it as best as we can. It is unprofessional to not turn up for publicity events. It shows Vivek has no respect for the film. The script has not been changed since the shooting commenced last year.

Both Vivek and I knew what our roles were from the start. Vivek knew what he was getting into back then. Actually Vivek has done a great job in the film. But films are not made on solo identities. It is always a team effort. But if that’s his attitude, then I am happy because that only shows he is insecure about me!”

Says a distributor, “Vivek is committing professional suicide by behaving in this manner.

As it is no one in the industry is on his side. All the kingpins in the industry dislike him. He has made too many enemies. If it wasn’t for Shootout Vivek would have been nowhere. Mission Istaanbul was his big film after Shootout...

Because of his big mouth, he has upset half the industry like Salman, Sanjay Dutt and Maanyata, Abhishek and Aishwarya, Saif (because of Rozza) and many others.

Now, he has angered two other huge names, Sunil Shetty and Apoorva Lakia.

When will Vivek ever learn that to survive in this industry you have to keep your mouth shut and be a hypocrite! He is a talented actor. He should respect his profession.”

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