Secularists have no right to violate the rights of Christians who want the Christmas holiday celebrated in the traditional way... And the traditional way is the 'right' way no matter how many would want to call it the way of the right. - Denise Fairfax

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Published: Fri 24 Dec 2004, 4:48 PM

Last updated: Thu 2 Apr 2015, 12:33 AM

Does Bush have a crush on Kofi Annan!

Chandru, President Bush's support for Kofi Annan is perplexing. This man needs to be exposed. The same way you expose a kofta to the fire — on a slow burn. Wake up to the smell the kofta sir. Meredith, Oman

Oh! you romantic man

Patel, wow! I went to the Plaza Cinema and throughly enjoyed watching the movie there. The tickets are a steal for the ambience and films shown. Sandali Saxena, Karama

When left is right

Hey you conservative 'Fox' in KT, your contention that the Left is out to destroy religion is absurd. These people - thank the Lord - are merely protecting those Americans who find certain aspects of the holiday season below their tastes. Like, why take one year into another with all that hue and cry? Like December 25 comes after December 24 and before December 26, so what's all the brouhaha about...Susanne Sabah, Jumeirah

A matter of insecurity

Patrick, you and the other Christians in your bandwagon must be suffering from Christian insecurity. All of you have gone on long leaves and shut yourselves up at home, craning your necks at the dead of the night, praying to catch a glimpse of the North Star! If that isn't insecurity...Matthew Broggart, Al Ain

Strong expectations of journalists

Mr Galadari, your tyrannical view that all journalists of the Muslim world should follow your way of Journalism is way overboard. Why should they call a spade a spade, when the pen can be wielded like an axe? Those guys, they are sharp! George Bettany, Jumeirah

What's the difference?

Pradeep, I always read the KT and I want to know what's the difference between a conservative and a traditionalist? Don't tell me a conservative is a preservative, and the traditionalist, a ketchup that went sour - like the nationalist. Frank, Bur Dubai

My point of view

Dear Mr Mohammed Galadari, your comment that what happened to insurgents could happen to any American soldier was totally irresponsible, and fear-mongering. Insurgents don't shoot the wounded, they prefer the far more humane 'beheading' - on TV, of course! Cristiane Pearson, Jumeirah

The 'averages'

Chandru, I didn't say anything about Roopa being an average woman, more like you appear more and more an average man. Look up the law of averages, it might enlighten you. Salman Babsi, Deira

Make a stand

Jaaj, you keep insisting that everyone has KT on their stands. Don't you think you're exaggerating? I went scouting and I had to make my own stand! David, Abu Dhabi

Soft copy

Eijaz, after reading your interview with the Consul General, I now know for sure that you are the worst interviewer ever. You ask questions with the answers implicit. Tame. Timothy Perkins, Al Quoz

Tell them to shut up

Mehr, it has been a while since you told anyone to shut up. I am disappointed. Why don't you, as your old self in the not-so-distant past, throw your weight around and make everyone shut up, once and for all! Sakshi Ahluwalia, Karama

Striking hard

Mr Galadari, I've been a loyal reader since day one when you wrote bluntly but carried a big stick. Now you just carry a big stick — a blunt big stick! Mukesh Singh, Qatar

Look who's watching

Sana, just finished reading 'Who's looking out for you' and I must confess that it is the best I've read in all my life. So, tell me, who's looking after you? Majid Kamel

The business of reading

Saleh, am I your most dedicated fan? I read 'Business Times' three times a day! Not that it is any of your business but I have to tell you that even after all those readings I still don't get what you want to tell. Would a fourth reading help? Marcus Dantielle, Qusais

Boys, the news!

Saghir, you did a great job in challenging your newsboys. They are nuts, you had to put them on the right track, the one which would let the news out. Shakeel Hussain, Karama

Silence is golden

Gita, fame has gone to your head. I hear rumours that you constantly interrupt guests. I wonder how you got away with Shah Rukh Khan. For a change, why don't you silence critics by giving guests a chance to talk. Rani Menon, Ajman

All you attention seekers

Why are the grownups in the city always complaining? Everyone seems to have something to say about my favourite paper KT. Get lost I say. Scram. Take a hike. Climb a tree and leave. Break an egg and beat it. Sam,12, Dubai

I have a situation

My husband equates reading your articles to a cat fight. He should know, he fights like a cat. And at the end of it all, it is always meow... Martha, Bahrain

You have such a big head

Trust me Mehr, I do read your paper. And from what I've heard, I believe you have a real thick head, why else should you persist with placing pictures of those with big heads in the newspaper? The logic beats me. Jayashree Menon, Sharjah

Your results make me cry

Saghir, I can't believe the financial results. Don't ask me how I got to know them, that's between me and the canary. What's more to the point is that it made me cry... What a way to put finances into perspective! The Media Mole, Deira

A swell of emotions

Patrick, for a real short reading, that one brought tears to my eyes. It was a tide friend, in time for the Yuletide. Merry Christmas, Man. Kanthimathi Thangavelu, Karama

Write, don't heal

Dear Mr Mohammed Galadari, judging from the mail you receive I think most Westerners have started reading your newspaper. I actually like some of the advice you come up with. But c'mon you are a journalist, not a doctor. Give some strong opinions on current events, the war, the UN, the President, the Left, the Right, whatever... No more therapy sessions, please. Michael, Jumeirah

Get real (estate)

Saleh, as long as I pay the rent to these greedy landlords, it is my right to live the way I choose. I am looking out for me just the way they are looking out for themselves, and that's 'each to their own'. Gotcha! Tariq Ahmed, Bur Dubai

Do you have a solution?

Can you believe this Gita, my grandkids told me they cannot have a Christmas party in school anymore. I'm told that these days it's called a refreshment party. How times have changed! I don't like it a bit. Carol Simmons, e-mail

A matter of debate

Mr Eijaz seems to be a legal immigrant from Europe. I take no offense to your position that the immigration guys have made a rule of emiratization. Before anyone screams, they should remember terrorism. Claire Howard, Muscat

Fox-ed or outfoxed

KT 'Fox' before the oil discovery in this wonderful country, the border was open. No one cared how you entered. Now everyone wonders why you don't ever leave! Daniel Sutcliffe, Jumeirah

There's no bias in KT

Mr Galadari, I have been reading your 'reborn' KT for more than a year now and have never heard you asking a biased question. I like your style. I would love to meet a dynamic gentleman like you. By the way, my mobile number is part of the message. Do call me. Samantha Redford,Jumeirah

Keep my hubby safe

Patel, please! Be sexist! I know my husband needs all the help he can get... The man has even posted an ad in the Classified Times. Nandini Mehta, Bur Dubai

Say what

I'm a bachelor and I don't have to act the straight guy coz I am one. But what bothers me is that these days I see a lot of bachelors shopping and doing other 'feminine' tasks. Shouldn't straight guys let married ones do the shopping for them? The answer as they say is elementary my dear Anshuman. A straight talker, e-mail

Are you in a knot

Saghir, one word of advice about buying women gifts, and it glitters - jewellery! You can't go wrong. A new car with a big bow would also do the trick. The problem is everytime you 'bow' she might go for a tie. Make sure it is yours. Laila Khan, Karachi

They are sizing you up

Mehr, I can't believe people complain about your giant head. I think oversized heads are the most respectable things to have. They make it easier to size up the man. Nathan Truff, Jebel Ali

You are in line

Dinakar, Greenspan is doing a great job. But I have a suggestion: If he retires or if he passes away, it would be best if you take his place in the Fed! Anwer Sayed, Deira

I am getting a legal eagle

Merlyn I'm seriously considering suing you — and you know that I can. I fully blame you for not connecting me to your boss. I think you are a bit jealous, and he - Gorgeous. Please let me meet him before the year ends. Lady in red

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