‘If TMK does well it’s because of Akshay’

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‘If TMK does well it’s because of Akshay’

What do you find most difficult, taking care of your kids or directing a mega project?

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Published: Tue 28 Dec 2010, 8:15 PM

Last updated: Mon 6 Apr 2015, 12:22 PM

Nothing is difficult. If you decide it’s easy then it will be easy. Looking after my kids is a pleasure. I manage pretty all right. The kids were with me and Shirish on set. Even when we were outdoors, the kids came along with their maids. It was like a holiday-shoot for all of us. They love coming on set because they have their make-up and spot-boy friends. It’s a healthy atmosphere for them to grow up in because this is our world and the sooner we expose them to it the better.

What’s the deal with Czar (Farah’s son) and Katrina? Are they an item?

They definitely have a thing going on with each other. Whenever they meet, Katrina gets all coy and then they’ll kiss and hug. There’s a full fan club evolving between the two of them.

Is Akshaye Khanna a total introvert?

Akshaye is not an extrovert. But he’s a super actor. We are both half Parsi so we can shout at each other whenever we feel like it. He knows it’s in our Parsi genes.

Having said that, he is one of the best things in the movie. He didn’t want to be part of the promotions for reasons personal to him. But he is outstanding and will walk away with most of the accolades. He has gone completely mad in this movie, he has let himself go.

Why do you say Tees Maar Khan is a Shirish Kunder film?

He has worked on the script, story, screenplay, dialogue, edited the film, composed background music and composed the title track. I have just executed his brilliant script.

Did you and your husband make a conscious effort not to enter each other’s space?

Shirish made a list of things for me saying, ‘these are your departments, I will never interfere in them and these are my departments so kindly don’t ask me questions about them’. I have a habit of interfering but everything went off fine.

What does Sheila Ki Jawani have that Munni doesn’t?

In the 18 years of my career I have not seen a song become a rage in such a short time. I have also done Munni Badnam Hui which was quite a hard act to follow. I’m glad that both the songs are mine and have done well. But Sheila has got a bigger impact because it’s Katrina doing the song. One has never seen her do something like this nor expected her to dance like this. That has given the song an edge.

What has Akshay Kumar brought to Tees Maar Khan?

When you cast the right person in the right role it’s more than half the battle won. If the movie does well it’s because of casting Akshay Kumar as Tees Maar Khan.

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