Hrithik Roshan: I am an aspiring superhero

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The actor says there is a hero within everyone as he lays bare the trials and tribulations he had to undergo to play the iconic character of Krrish.

By Ambica Sachin (

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Published: Mon 28 Oct 2013, 11:41 AM

Last updated: Fri 20 Jan 2023, 5:37 PM

SO WHAT DOES it take to be a superhero in Bollywood? Six pack abs for sure. A chiselled face that would give Adonis a run for his money wouldn’t hurt. A toned physique that can show off a leather costume to great effect is of course a prerequisite. Add to that a man who can dance like a dream and make women of all ages go gaga. And you have India’s answer to Superman.

Photos: Mohammed Mustafa Khan, Supplied

Hrithik Roshan is no stranger to the superhero ilk having donned the iconic costume in the previous Krrish movie as well. But playing the caped crusader didn’t come easy for him. Plagued by ailments ever since he took on the movie, a double slipped disc meant he nearly had to let go of the role. “The doctors warned me not to do the movie,” Hrithik tells us. “Dad even came to me and said, ‘Let’s shelve the movie and make it two years later. Look after your health first.’

"But I just knew if it is not made now it will never get made because everything was ready to go.” During those dark moments, Hrithik credits his total identification with the character of Krrish with giving him the strength to carry on.

"Whenever we go through despair we all focus on what is wrong, but instead if we just focus on changing our environment and ourselves and build that strength again we will be able to change. The power lies within all of us. Since then and right up to the brain surgery I had recently, I have tried to live up to these values. I am an aspiring superhero myself.


The latest Krrish franchise to come from the Roshan stable boasts of an ensemble cast – with Priyanka Chopra reprising her role as journalist Priya Mehra with a twist, Kangna Ranaut playing a mutant and Vivek Oberoi taking on the dark role of super villain Kaal.

“We actually had my father’s dream cast,” Hrithik tells us.

“Believe me if any one of them would not have done this film this would not have been what it is right now.”

A sentiment Hrithik didn’t share initially as he candidly admits he wanted to play Kaal. “I was doubtful if any other actor could do justice to the role. But I am glad my father didn’t allow me to do that part.

“He said, ‘You are already doing three roles in the film, if you do Kaal also, what’s left?’”

He continues, “As actors we are adventurers and explorers. It gives us great joy to explore all aspects of our human nature, the good and the bad. Which is why I appreciate Vivek so much because as an actor he has integrity.

“He’s not like some of the other heroes who when they are playing a villain, by the end of the film, it starts to effect their egos when they don’t want to get bashed up as much or are sceptical about showing how weak they are. But Vivek has completely given himself to this film.”

While the Krrish 3 trailer hasn’t exactly wowed critics so far, the Roshans are proud to market it as India’s first homegrown hi-budget superhero musical extravaganza with all the special effects done in India.

“I am known to make family-oriented films. If I had done a purely sci-fi film it wouldn’t have done well,” Rakesh Roshan explains.

So get ready for a superhero who breaks into a dance at the drop of a hat and does not shy away from revealing his emotional side as Krrish 3 hits theatres this weekend.

Priyanka Chopra

‘She makes the bad look good’

Hrithik Roshan describes his favourite co-star as a mix of the good and the bad. “We have done some mammoth films together and we make a great match because we can shoulder those kind of films,” he explains. “Priyanka is a team player. Whatever she does, she does for the film. She is not botherd about how much screen time she has.”

A quick glance at Priyanka’s career graph lays bare the truth of the matter. With movies like 7 Khoon Maaf, Fashion and Barfi! to her name, she is equally adept at shouldering an entire movie as well as playing the damsel in distress.

In Krrish 3 Priyanka reprises her role as journalist Priya Mehra. But with a twist.

“My character ends up having a certain duality midpoint of the film,” she explains to us. “There is a good side and an evil side which exists at the same time in her.”

So what made her take on the sequel?

“It is one of the first sci-fi franchises in the country. You need someone like Rakesh Roshan who has the ability to put that vision into celluloid.

“And I am very fond of these big magical blockbuster movies, which have everything you can conceive of as entertainment. So of course I had to be part of it.”

With her last release Zanjeer not exactly making waves at the box-office, let’s hope Krrish 3 will put her back in the big league.

Kangna Ranaut

‘India’s first super girl’

From Jacqueline Fernandez to Nargis Fakhri many an actress has tried on the role of the shape-shifting Kaya only to leave midway. It was up to Rakesh Roshan’s original choice Kangna to give life to what is being tagged as Bollywood’s first mutant character.

The famously moody actress who has amply revealed her talent in films like Fashion, Life in a Metro and Tanu weds Manu, seemed content to observe proceedings from the sidelines for the most part of our interview.

“Krrish 3 is a very special film where I am playing something I have never done before,” she said when prodded.

“You don’t get to see characters like this especially in Indian films and they chose me for this role. And I loved the experience.”

As for the so-called rivalry between her and Priyanka that the media has been going to town about, there was no sign of it during their visit to Dubai with PC even going all out to praise her co-star.

Vivek Oberoi

‘Prince of darkness’

He has played bad before, most famously in Shootout at Lokhandwala and Omkara. But Krrish 3 will see Vivek in a different league altogether. As the actor puts it he will be Bollywood’s “first super villain.”

“What I love about Kaal is that he is a brilliantly layered character who is aristocratic and dark.”

And if ever you thought that playing the villain in a family production where the Roshan scion is the hero would be equalant to committing hara-kiri as far as his career is considered, think again.

While Hrithik was all praise for his on-screen nemesis from the word go, Vivek seemed more than happy to bask in all the glory.

“Kaal and Krrish are the flip sides of the same coin,” Vivek explained.

An actor whose talent is unquestionable but who unfortunately has still not got his due in Bollywood, Krrish 3 will hopefully change Vivek’s fortunes in the industry.

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