‘I always get spooked by Kangna’

Are you a horror flick fan?

By (BM&C)

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Published: Mon 26 Jan 2009, 8:54 PM

Last updated: Wed 8 Apr 2015, 1:24 PM

Yes, I have always been one and am very glad to have had the opportunity to work in a horror flick. After all the romantic roles I have played, I was very keen to play this role.

Do you feel that giving Raaz… an A certificate was justified?

I would like to mention that the movie doesn’t have any graphic or gory scenes. There is not much blood involved as in normal horror films. And given the fact that violent movies are passed and given a U/A certificate, I don’t think giving Raaz- The Mystery Continues an A certificate is justified at all.

What was the one thing about your character that made you say, ‘yes’ to the film?

In the film, I play a painter who can paint the future. The fact that I haven’t played a role like this before and also that I always wanted to be a part of a horror film made me say yes to the movie.

How do you rate yourself as an amateur painter?

I trained under Shailesh, who is a renowned artist. He taught me the basics of painting, like holding a brush, etc. As an artist, I have graduated from terrible to okay!

Did you undergo any other training to get that undernourished look with droopy kohl eyes?

I starved! I was on a strict diet to achieve the desired look. I also went for regular walks and exercised to get the lean frame, as I had put on some weight during the filming of Jannat.

Your look was supposed to scare people but instead, people seem to like this make over…People might initially be scared with the look but I feel it’s quite stylish. The intention was not to scare people. I am also happy that whenever we have tried something new, people have appreciated it. It’s always nice to do something different.

Were there moments when Kangna’s character spooked you?

I always get spooked by her, be it in a movie or out of it (laughs)! Anyway, the idea was to spook people. But more than the make-up, it is her acting and the way the scenes are shot that will spook people.

One horror flick that still scares you…

The Exorcist.

What new projects do you have lined up?

I am doing Raftaar. I am also doing Tum Mile where I play the role of a painter but a different kind of painter. He uses charcoal and other things for his painting.

Would you hold an exhibition?

Painting is a great stress buster. I practise whenever I have the time, because you can’t be good at it unless you practise regularly. And no, I do not wish to hold an exhibition.

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