Get a job


Get a job

Queen wants Prince William’s ‘work shy’ girlfriend to get a charity job, and as royal aides are calling it ‘the Kate Problem’, there is mounting criticism that time for a solution is running out

By (Daily Mail)

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Published: Mon 25 Aug 2008, 9:00 PM

Last updated: Sun 5 Apr 2015, 2:51 PM

William’s girlfriend Kate Middleton still does not have a job.

And senior Buckingham Palace aides say that what is now referred to in the Royal inner-circle as the Kate Problem should be resolved before William announces his engagement to her.

The Sovereign’s private concern about Kate’s lack of a career was first in the media in June. She has already been nicknamed Waity Katie because of her apparent willingness to do nothing but socialise and shop until William decides when to propose.

Public perception

Now, Royal aides have revealed that the Queen has privately suggested that Kate, 26, should get involved with a charity to counter the potentially damaging public perception that she is workshy.

According to friends of the couple, plans are in place for Clarence House to announce an engagement either shortly before or just after Christmas. Several dates have been earmarked for a wedding, which could be as early as May or June next year.

But one senior Royal source revealed that the Queen is convinced that it is vital for the Royal Family and its reputation that both Prince William, 26, and his girlfriend should be working before an announcement is authorised.

Princess ofWales

It has been suggested that Kate should get involved with an animal or children’s charity because it would be a ‘safe’ role that would not lead to any comparisons with the late Princess of Wales.

The source said: “There is concern at the very highest level that Kate Middleton still does not have a job. The Queen is keen that the Monarchy should lead by example and that the Princes and their girlfriends should all be seen to be hard workers.

“The Queen has made it known that she feels Kate should get involved with a charity, possibly an animal charity, where she can be seen to be doing something proactive and something entirely safe. It is important that Kate isn’t seen to be doing anything controversial, and she needs to do something completely different from any of the charity work that Diana did.”

A committee member

It is understood that Kate has been approached by several charities to represent them, including a number involving children, but she has yet to accept any of the roles. At present, her only charity work is as a committee member of a rollerdisco fundraising event for Oxford Children’s Hospital.

Kate was invited to a fundraising event at the Royal Marsden Hospital in Chelsea in May this year but pulled out at the last minute even though Prince William attended. “Kate has been asked many times to do charity work,” a friend confided.

“She is often asked when she is out at parties. I was with her at one event when a representative from a rather high-profile charity suggested that Kate get involved.

She was really keen at the time and said she would love to get on board.

She gave the organiser all her details but, when they wrote to her, Kate didn’t even reply.”

Interest in fashion

And the friend pointed out: “Kate is well aware of what’s being said about her not working. She is, however, in a bit of a rut. She is really keen to develop her photography career and also has an interest in fashion. But she’s quite limited in terms of what she can do because of the interest in her.”

She was offered a job by a leading fashion house a while ago but she said that everything had to go through Clarence House.

In the end it was just too difficult to make the whole thing work and nothing ever came of it.”

Kate has not worked since she quit her job as an accessories buyer for the High Street fashion chain Jigsaw last November. She recently took some photographs for the online company Party Planners run by her parents Carole and Michael but sources say she has not done any other paid work for months and is still being financed by them.

A bitter backlash

As Prince William’s girlfriend, she is one of the most photographed and discussed women in the world. But the fact that she is seen to spend her time shopping, holidaying and partying instead of working hard at a career has triggered a bitter backlash.

The Mail on Sunday’s website was last week inundated with comments by angry readers who criticised Kate’s lack of drive.

Dozens of comments were posted in reaction to one article about the couple’s visit to the London nightclub Raffles after their return from a holiday on the Caribbean island of Mustique.

One reader, Natalie from Bristol, wryly remarked: ‘It’s good to see them letting their hair down. They must be exhausted after their holiday.’ In another less than flattering comment, Tracey from Paisley wrote: ‘This waste of space, Kate Middleclass never does anything but party and enjoy herself. Evidently work is not a word in her vocabulary.’ Identifying herself as Karen from the UK, another Internet reader concluded: ‘A pair of lazy louts, it’s about time they both got a proper job.’

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