Young actress Hanan Turk has all the right qualities that go in make a shining star - great character, talent, charisma and very natural acting skills. Qualities that bring the mother and the child in her out at the same time.

By Nihal Kamel

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Published: Thu 17 Jun 2004, 1:47 PM

Last updated: Thu 2 Apr 2015, 12:48 AM

Hanan, most of the Arabic audience want to know about your health after that mishap in Holland?

Oh my God, I don't want to remember that. Thank God, I survived. I was travelling with my husband Khaled, who's a businessman. This was first time for us in Holland,. A sort of vacation for the both of us. I asked my husband for some simple food. I had a piece of cake. Very delicious. But after I finished with it, it was as if I was almost dead. I was rushed to hospital where I learnt that the cake I ate was laced with some lethal drugs. They did a stomach wash. I am OK now.

How has the mishap changed you?

After the accident, I felt that life is very short. Everything in the life's meaningless. I thank God that I was alone with my husband. If my sons were with me and if they too had eaten the cake...

You come out as a unique character when acting ...childlike and at times adult. Comment.

I don't know. Sometimes, I do act childlike. I think that's because I act natural.

What do you think of motherhood?

It is an amazing feeling. When you make a small family you get the feeling of security. What's the use of fame when there's nobody to share it with you. After I became a mother I felt a special happiness, more than any other happy time. I ask God to keep my family together and safe.

Tell us about your relationship with director Joseph Gahen?

Joseph Gahen! Any actor would be lucky to work with an international director like Joseph. He is my teacher. Sometimes we differ in opinions but I still believe I am his student. I am proud of that.

Everyone was surprised at stylish outfit you wore for programme Hala Show, do you generally save the clothes you wear for your films?

It's a very nice programme. Yes, I generally prefer to keep at least one dress from each one of my films. It is a wonderful feeling when the actor remembers his role and the clothes she had worn for that role.

How can you describe your relationship with actress Mena Shalaby and actress Mona Zazy?

We are very good friends. We are nice to each other and both of them are very talented actors.

Is your role in the film Mafia different?

Mafia is a marvellous film. I'm acting in it with my friend Ahmed Helmy. I am like a student in every film I act and he is more experience. For me every film is like a new experiment.

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