Arbaaz Khan talks fashion during visit to Dubai

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Arbaaz Khan talks fashion during visit to Dubai

Published: Wed 22 May 2019, 4:10 PM

Last updated: Mon 27 May 2019, 8:17 PM

Arbaaz Khan was in Dubai on Tuesday night at the Ramadan Big Bazaar, hosted by Concept Group at Dubai World Trade Center. He was present with his rumored girlfriend Giorgia Adriani, who accompanied him for the event. They also went to celebrate her birthday at a restaurant in Dubai post the event which he posted on his Instagram account. On the work front, Khan is producing Dabangg 3, working in a Malayalam film Big Brother with Mohanlal and also, preparing the second season of his digital show Quick Heal Pinch. We spoke to him about fashion, movies, and family. 
Do you enjoy shopping? 
I enjoy shopping. I can spend hours in a store filled with electronic goods. It is a very guy thing. It can be as simple as getting phones, earphones, cables, adaptor, etc. I always try to buy the best, so I don't get swayed by anything else for a while. The thing with electronics is that everything keeps on changing; there's always a new model a few months later. Hence, I block myself mentally, saying that I got myself a great model, and I am not going to look for anything further anytime soon. 
Do you like shopping for others, or does your manager shop for your family and loved ones?
I like shopping for others if they know what they want and ask me to get it for them. I can't individually make an effort to buy for others. I tell others to specify what they want, and I will go and get it for them. If they leave it up to me to buy something for them, then I will make some wrong, horrible choices!
You are looking very stylish in this kurta. Are you fashion conscious? 
I am a very conventional dresser. I think what Ranveer Singh does with his clothes -  that is fashion whereas I will choose the occasion and dress accordingly. Since tonight's event is Ramadan Big Bazaar, I decided to wear a Pathani outfit. I don't wear outrageous clothes which Ranveer can carry off with a lot of elan. Every day he wears various colors and brings so much life to it and looks fantastic in them. He is a style icon.
How would you describe the fashion sense of your brothers - Salman and Sohail? 
Salman also dresses for the occasion. He is also a jeans and t-shirt kind of guy. At times, he wears t-shirts even during a press conference. He is a casual dresser. For certain events, he wears suits and carries it off well. But also he would not dress up like Ranveer would dress up. Sohail underdresses all the time. He goes to birthday parties with track pants. I won't be surprised if he goes to a wedding in sweat pants, sweat t-shirts, slippers, and shorts!
Your new show Quick Heal Pinch is looking excellent where you get into the personal zone of actors. You come across as a private person. Is it easy for you to ask personal questions to others?
There is a lot of things on Twitter and Instagram to ask stars about. We have cherry picked them and categorise them into body shaming, or some sort of trolling. We talk about questions that need some answers or some questions that they were not comfortable answering earlier. Whether you believe it or not, there is a slight difference in giving an interview to a journalist and a friend. That is something which can go excellent or kaput. I think the comfort factor that I built over the years worked in my favor. My show could have been controversial, but we chose not to go that way. We have done season one so far, and we will come back with season two. The casualness of the episode will remain the same. It takes me months to plan every episode. 
How is the shooting of Dabangg 3 coming along?  
The shooting is going good. We just completed the second schedule. We will wrap up soon. We have shot two songs for both the earlier films in Dubai. We are looking at whether we can come back and shoot something in the UAE (for Dabangg 3). We are looking into the aspects and the logistics.  

By Arti Dani

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