A memorable ride on a double decker

It all started off in a little Italian Café called Pasta Moré. What takes minutes with some people, with Emma, it can take hours. Emma is the Conductress, Manager and Creator of The Double Decker.

By Andi M (Contributor)

Published: Thu 3 Aug 2006, 1:16 PM

Last updated: Sat 4 Apr 2015, 4:24 PM

To those who have not seen the fleet of vintage red London Double Decker buses around Dubai, here is a chance to find out what it's all about.

Emma has more ideas than you can shake a stick at. Concentration was such a big part in this interview as ideas just fired out all the time. Starts off with spinners on the bus! Bang we're going.

With the Double Decker fired up, it began its old 159 route, 18 months ago, with one red kid's bus — with uniquely modified interiors to host kids birthday parties, a small cinema upstairs to keep the younger ones happy, girl's beauty parlours and even petting corners for our four legged friends.

"It is a mobile venue for stationary events", put simply by Sharon Stone, another member of the DD team. From this, the parachute had opened, branching out rapidly to a more corporate bus in a luxurious more classy style to fit the Dubai market, boasting hand-built interiors along with walnut cabinets and cocktail bar, it offers an impressive business venue for a wide range of uses.

"Professional quality audio visual equipment compliments a functional yet novel and comfortable business offering," said Emma.

Other buses in the fleet are the more original route master, with the same 70 person seating arrangement like before, yet top notch upholstery tailoring, to make the buses funkier and vibrant for 2006. One of these used to be the 159 that went from Oxford Street — Trafalgar Square, in good old London town, even stopping to pick up Betty, for her pension in Whitehall, every Tuesday.

Each bus has so much character just in itself. Modifications can be made to fit the client's individual needs — it can be wrapped in advertising, painted pink, whatever is necessary as per the client's wishes.

Nothing else is like this in Dubai — advertising the way it is done in London, undoubtedly an unforgettable way to get your message across, be it casual or formal.

Emma once wrote an Email to Richard Branson, not thinking it would ever reach his desk, offering the bus, jokingly signing it 'The Conductress'. It was not long before Virgin boss Richard called and said "Hi Emma".

After that, preparations began to launch the Virgin flights in Dubai, using the bus. Picture this, a unique Red London Bus, black tinted windows, just outside the Burj with a sign on the side 'My other bus is an Airbus'.

In the coming months we can look forward to a complimentary bus service taking us around town on our nights out, picking us up, dropping us off at each venue in a unique and safe way — no car and no traffic, believe me the party won't be stopping while you're on the buses. Nor will it be picking up old Betty.

Keep your eyes peeled "my DD's are the best in town". For more information www.thedoubledecker.com

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