Munir Badr transforming technologies, contributing to UAE’s digital landscape

AEserver partnered with the Telecommunications Regulatory Authority during its early years


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Published: Sun 19 Nov 2023, 6:52 PM

Munir Badr, a significant figure in the domain industry, orchestrated the recent Domain Days 2023 conference. More notably, his early collaboration with the Telecommunications Regulatory Authority (TDRA) stands out. He initiated his company in 2005, beginning from his bedroom, driven by a curiosity about the internet’s infrastructure that eventually led him into the realm of domain addresses and web servers.

The idea to register his first domain and offer local domains, particularly the .ae domain, took shape, leading to the establishment of AEserver. Over the years, the journey became a tapestry of innovation, new products, and cutting-edge technologies, positioning AEserver at the forefront of the industry.

Contributions to the UAE’s Digital Ecosystem:

AEserver partnered with the Telecommunications Regulatory Authority during its early years. Badr said, “AEserver plays a crucial role in supporting the digital literacy initiative by successfully introducing over 500 domains to meet diverse needs. The company remains steadfast in its commitment to shaping the future of the region’s digital landscape.”

AEserver played a significant role in the recently concluded Domain Days Dubai 2023 conference, organized by Badr. The event drew nearly 190 professionals from over 65 countries and provided a platform for industry discourse. Badr shared insights into the diverse topics covered, ranging from domain registration trends to success stories of startups. The event featured representatives from regulatory bodies such as ICANN and touched on environmental, social, and corporate governance (ESG) in the industry.

Enhancing Customer Care and Implementation of AI Chatbot

Badr has delved into the challenges and opportunities in the digital landscape. Badr said, “AEserver focuses on enhancing customer care through an advanced knowledge base and analytics utilization.” “ And implementing an AI chatbot is part of their commitment to practical enhancements within crucial aspects of their services.”

Aligned with Dubai’s vision

As a builder at heart, Badr aligned with Dubai’s ambition to build the biggest and best. This grandeur vision of Dubai resonated with him and inspired his entry into the domain registration and web hosting industry.

Munir was fascinated with the transformative power of websites as contemporary, adaptable, efficient, and cost-effective means of connecting with clients, even before people were aware of this.

AEserver’s Unique Approach:

Badr said, “AEserver’s commitment to maintaining the human touch amid increasing automation, especially our hiring process, focusing on the human element as a key differentiator.”

Comprehensive training, coaching, mentoring, and tailored development programs form the foundation of AEserver’s internal philosophy, ensuring dedicated customer support.

Future Projects and Entrepreneurial Advice:

Badr concluded, “One of the prominent beauties of the Domain and Hosting business is intrinsic to its nature: being digital. AEserver operates in the UAE, but our customers sit and operate worldwide. Our business model’s relatively high delocalized nature implicitly means flexibility and scalability. You can start small and local and expand over time with progressive investments proportionate to the recurrent nature of a subscription business model. But if forced to identify a single essential suggestion for someone who intends to join the Domain and Hosting sector from scratch, then designing any single component of your business in a scalable way (e.g., payments, language support, customer care, etc.) probably the most precious advice I would cherish to share.”

Although AEserver continues to evolve, it remains a key player in shaping businesses’ online presence in the region and beyond.

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