How to get people to share your content online

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How to get people to share your content online

Published: Wed 15 Mar 2017, 6:30 PM

Last updated: Wed 15 Mar 2017, 9:51 PM

How many times have you seen huge billboards while driving on the highway, stating "We are the best insurance company" or "We are the only bank for you" etc.
Usually, when a company is the best in their area of expertise, they are considered industry leaders; and industry leaders have a strong enough following who will convey the message to the public without the need for obvious intervention.
The correct way to communicating you are the best is by having people say nice things about your brand. Have your customers say that you are the best in customer service, technology, quality, value, etc. But being the best is still the best marketing tactic!
So, how do you get people to share your content online? Below are some best tips.
Create content that is relevant
Focus on providing value added content that resonates with target audience. This means content developed +needs to be up-to-date, valuable and insightful for the reader. Use statistics, fun videos and actionable promotion.
Customise content for the platform
The content that is produced should be native to the respective platform. For example, there is little use to post an entire blog on Facebook. This is particularly important in social media, where each platform has a different user behaviours.
Embrace the visual
Develop content that is visually appealing, animated or interactive. This has nothing to do with the myth that people don't want to read, but more so on leveraging visuals that will simply enrich it and improve its quality.
Stay focused and concise
Your content should be focused and consistent. If you talk about climate change today and investment funds tomorrow you may confuse your audience. Consistency and focusing on certain topics will help you to build a following and increase your reputation.
Stay truth and always be yourself
Be awesome by being yourself. Authenticity is important because consumers are not idiots and have the power to research, review and get the right information within seconds no matter where they are.
Getting real people to genuinely share and like your brand's online content is virtual confirmation that the things your brand does are good, maybe the best. By using this approach, you will create affinity, word of mouth, trust, reputation and all these are important influencing factors when making a buying decision.
The writer is chief executive officer at Prototype. Views expressed are his own and do not reflect the newspaper's policy.

By Alexander Rauser

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