How this Emirati entrepreneur brewed a local success story in a global coffee cup

Saud Al Nuaimi talks about his love for the brew and how he takes immense pride in infusing elements of the rich Emirati culture into his coffee business

By Ehaab Qadeer

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Saud Al Nuaimi. Photo by Muhammad Sajjad
Saud Al Nuaimi. Photo by Muhammad Sajjad

Published: Thu 4 Jan 2024, 6:03 PM

Last updated: Fri 5 Jan 2024, 2:59 PM

In the dynamic world of entrepreneurship, some stories stand out as inspiring narratives of passion, innovation, and cultural infusion. One such tale is that of Saud Al Nuaimi, a young and dynamic Emirati entrepreneur who has not only made a mark in the global coffee industry but is also putting the UAE on the world's coffee map. His journey from a young coffee enthusiast to the chief executive officer of 'CoffeeDesk' is a testament to the power of strategic vision, cultural pride, and a commitment to excellence.

A latte start

Interestingly, Saud's journey didn't start with coffee beans and espresso machines; it began with a broader passion for business and strategic investments. His entrepreneurial spirit led him to explore diverse industries, eventually finding a niche in the UAE and GCC regions.

"There was a gap in the market for high-quality coffee equipment compliant with GCC specifications, and it paved the way for the founding of CoffeeDesk for me," he said.

As the entrepreneurial journey unfolded, Saud ventured into setting up coffee shops, identifying a unique opportunity within the market. CoffeeDesk quickly evolved into the comprehensive destination for all coffee solutions in the GCC, offering trendy and Instagram-worthy coffee shops with an unwavering commitment to excellence. The transformation from a business enthusiast to a coffee industry maven showcases Saud's ability to adapt, innovate, and lead in a dynamic market.

Passion brewing success

What sets Saud apart is his passion for coffee, which goes beyond considering it merely a beverage. "To me, coffee is about creating experiences and contributing to the evolving coffee culture,” he said. This deep understanding has been the driving force behind his success, infusing innovation, quality, and an unwavering commitment to excellence into every aspect.

Photo by Muhammad Sajjad
Photo by Muhammad Sajjad

Cultural fusion in every sip

As an Emirati entrepreneur, Saud said, “I take immense pride in infusing elements of the rich Emirati culture into CoffeeDesk. From integrating Emirati hospitality and warmth into coffee shops like Koub in Dubai and London, to the Wacup coffee hub in Ajman, I want to provide a unique and authentic experience.” The commitment to Emiratisation is further exemplified through the Ambassadorship programmeHow , connecting young Emiratis with global brands and showcasing local talent on an international stage.

Saud's role as a motivator for young Emirati coffee connoisseurs and baristas is commendable. The Ambassadorship programme serves as a platform for young talents to connect with renowned global brands, becoming the face of these brands in the Middle East. This initiative not only provides exposure and recognition but also raises the overall standard of the coffee industry in the UAE, fostering a culture of continuous learning, innovation, and collaboration.

Connecting UAE to the global coffee scene

Saud’s initiatives to foster collaboration between the UAE and global coffee brands are noteworthy. Participation in events like the World of Coffee, the largest coffee networking event in the Middle East, showcases CoffeeDesk on a global stage. He remarked, “This not only strengthens ties with global coffee brands but also contributes to the growth and development of the coffee industry in the region, bringing in innovation, expertise, and a truly international perspective.”

The future is brew-tiful

Looking ahead, Saud envisions a future for the UAE's coffee industry that holds immense potential for growth and evolution. The demand for unique and high-quality coffee experiences is expected to rise, and he aims to lead the charge by bringing cutting-edge trends, technologies, and sustainable practices to elevate the coffee scene in the UAE. Saud's commitment to continuous innovation positions his company as a hub for coffee excellence.

Saud's commitment to sustainability in the coffee industry is evident through various initiatives. From engaging with local communities to raise awareness about sustainable coffee practices to collaborating with brands that share their values, he actively promotes eco-friendly practices within its operations. Hosting competitions and campaigns to inform customers about the environmental impact of their coffee choices demonstrates a genuine commitment to a sustainable future.

Lastly, Saud Al Nuaimi's journey from a young coffee enthusiast to a successful coffee entrepreneur is a captivating story of passion, innovation, and cultural pride. His ability to infuse Emirati culture into the global coffee scene, empower the next generation of coffee enthusiasts, and advocate for sustainability sets a benchmark for the industry. As CoffeeDesk continues to evolve, it remains a testament to Saud's vision and dedication, ensuring that the UAE's presence in the global coffee industry is not just felt but celebrated.


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