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Over its nine-year journey, the master distributor company has grown and evolved on the strength of its operational excellence and strategic understanding of the business. Shahzad Ahmed, Chairman and Chief Executive Officer of Blue Ocean Global Group, reveals more


Anam Khan

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Published: Fri 30 Sep 2022, 12:05 PM

Last updated: Mon 3 Oct 2022, 1:05 PM

Established in 2013, leading master distribution company Blue Ocean Global has presence in over 40 countries and represents over 25 multinational brands, such as Black + Decker, Gigaset (formerly Siemens Gigaset), NEC, Motorola, Skross, Gratze, Milagrow, Fanvil, Symphony Rasasi, Godrej, Mothers Recipe among others.

The company represents a strong network and a significant competitive advantage that sets it apart, thanks to its strong process, data orientation and customer-centricity. The company derives its success based on its strong relationships with its customers. Currently, Blue Ocean Global has offices or partner arrangements throughout the Middle East and Africa, India, South East Asia, Africa, Australia, New Zealand, and the UK, where it employs skilled people and provides services to its clients.

Supported by state-of-the-art logistics facilities, Blue Ocean Global maintains robust supply chain processes to cater to its diverse customer needs. The company's commitment to providing its clients with cutting-edge services drives its relentless pursuit of value development. The company aims to continue to be the preferred partner for high-calibre global companies.

Behind the success of Blue Ocean Global is the hard work and vision of a person supported by a core team of professionals, who continuously evolve to stay in sync with the future to truly make the company global. A transformative leader, Shahzad Ahmed, has led the company to success with nearly 35 years in the business.

Ahmed is a successful entrepreneur and the Chairman and Chief Executive Officer of Blue Ocean Global Group. Today, the company stands as a well-established group of six companies engaged in online, retail, and B2B master distribution business based in Dubai and servicing 40 countries across the globe.

Speaking about the driving force behind his resolve, Ahmed added: "Marketing is my passion, and I could feel it while I was studying and in the initial phase of my career. I enjoy working daily and consistently. Even now, after more than 35 years of professional experience, I still feel like the journey is just getting started.”

Ahmed's niche in marketing has helped Blue Ocean Global reach the heights of fame and success in a short period. Starting in 2013, little did Ahmed know that his expertise would help him achieve a worldwide reputation. "I left my comfort zone and the lifestyle provided by multinational companies to start my own business in distribution with my co-partner Parvez Ansari, who stood by me in this journey. A team of core members stepped in to join me, and we continue to stand together. When we started, it was a small office with just nine people,” he recalls.

Today, the company has its own office in Motor city with a strength of nearly 50 employees. The company has acquired brand distribution rights regularly in its journey. The company tied up with Black and Decker, a globally established and renowned household brand, to undertake the manufacturing of its cookware products. "Its global reputation, supported by our distribution ability, will assist us to take the brand to the next level of success."

Blue Ocean Group was also one of the first UAE distributors to enter the UK market ahead of the Brexit deal, putting the distributor in a comfortable position to support the local distribution market in the UK with their expertise in the Middle East. Recently, the company set up a full-fledged office in Saudi Arabia. Currently, the brand serves on all major e-commerce platforms in the region via marketplaces or direct retail. Its dedicated e-commerce team ensures that the brand leads on all platforms by maintaining premium ratings for customer service and quality brands.

On the move

We live in a disruptive age where change is happening at a furious pace and success comes to those who innovate and adapt. From a modest beginning, Blue Ocean Global's remarkable progress in distribution is a result of its passion to provide best-in-class services.

Re-inventing oneself is a way of life for the company. The company believes that any value produced for its customers also produces a long-term gain for the business. To provide consumers with the greatest goods and services, Blue Ocean Global relies on operational efficiency and solid business ties.

The company’s philosophy is to recognise the potential of each employee and treat them as partners. According to Ahmed, employees need to be mentored, guided, and empowered to take up new responsibilities as they grow within the organisation. He strives to ensure that the aspirations of employees are met within the organisation.

Speaking about the expansion of the company, Ahmed explains: “Pre-Covid-19, we set our sight on creating an e-commerce channel for future existence and growth. We ventured into appliances and FMCG business with an online channel focus. Today, we are a leading online distributor in the GCC region. We represent major brands like Black and Decker, Godrej, Rasasi, Marico, Daewoo, Bajaj, Mothers Recipe, Toshiba, Mcaffiene, Camel soap factory, and many more. Additionally, we are also working to launch our direct-to-consumer (D2C) portal very shortly.”

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