8 makeup hacks every beauty addict must know

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8 makeup hacks every beauty addict must know

Can you use perfume as a nail polish remover? Or powder as dry shampoo? Turns out the answer is yes!

By Sakshi Nath, 
 Trained beautician & owner of Queens Beauty Lounge

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Published: Thu 23 Nov 2017, 11:00 PM

Last updated: Mon 5 Feb 2018, 8:41 AM

If you've simply run out of your favourite cosmetics, or are looking to get creative, you'd be surprised by how makeup products can double up to meet all your beauty needs. Read on to learn more about genius and effective makeup hacks - they may just help you out when you're in a rush!

1. Use perfume as a nail polish remover
If you're out of nail polish remover and need a quick fix to clean chipped nail polish, simply spray some perfume on a cotton ball and use it to wipe the nail polish away. Perfumes contain ethyl acetate which is a key active ingredient in nail polish removers.

2. Use setting or baby powder as dry shampoo
Ever been in a hurry to leave the house but didn't have time to wash your hair? All you need is setting or baby powder to instantly 'de-grease' your scalp. Shake a little setting or baby powder over your head and gently rub it into your roots with your fingertips. This will absorb the excess oil in a jiffy!

3. Use lip balm as an eyebrow setting gel
If your eyebrows are giving you a tough time and need to be tamed, you can use lip balm instead of brow gel to set the hair in place. Dab some lip balm along your brow and brush with a clean spoolie to set.

4. Use foundation as an eye primer
We all know that eye primers play a key role in preventing eyeshadow from creasing while helping it stay on longer. But if you don't have any on hand, and have an event coming up, apply foundation instead - it offers a great base for eyeshadow.

5. Use lipstick as blush
Don't have a blush in your purse but want to freshen up your makeup? Use your lipstick. Every woman carries at least one lipstick in her handbag and, whether it's a pink or a red, you can easily dab a little on the apples of the cheeks and blend in with clean fingers to achieve a fresh and rosy-cheeked look instantly.

6. Use rosewater as a setting spray
If you have a long night out and don't want your makeup to fade, use rosewater instead of  a setting spay. Simply pour some rosewater into a clean empty spray bottle and spritz away. Rosewater has a refreshing quality and also contains antibacterial properties.
7. Use coconut oil as lip gloss
Not only does coconut oil naturally moisturise the lips - if you're out of lip gloss and want to add some shine to your lipstick, you can dab some on. It will make your lips pop.

8. Use kajal or kohl as eyeshadow
Traditional kajal or kohl is a natural and chemical-free eyeliner, and can be used as an eyeshadow if you haven't carried your shadow palette. Draw crosses or hashtags over the outer corners of your eyelid and smudge it in with a sponge tip brush - perfect for that smoldering smoky-eye look.  

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