Work hard to make future history: Mohammed

ABU DHABI — Addressing the citizens on the 36th National Day of UAE, His Highness Shaikh Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum, Vice-President and Prime Minister of UAE and Ruler of Dubai, made a passionate call for hard work to make the future history of the federation.

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Published: Sun 2 Dec 2007, 9:38 AM

Last updated: Sun 5 Apr 2015, 2:06 AM

Shaikh Mohammed bin Rashid Al MaktoumHe said 36 years of union has become equivalent to hundreds of years which several nations have taken to achieve progress and development.

However, he asked the citizens not to sleep on the soft silk of success, but to work hard to make the future history of the country.

“Whatever we achieved in the past has been achieved. The history we will write is what we will achieve in the future, not what we have achieved in the past,” said Shaikh Mohammed.

The following is the full text of his National Day message:

Dear sons and daughters of my motherland, Praise be to Allah who gave us the guidance, wisdom and prudence, and blessed us to work to His pleasure, in the best interests of our people and the glory of our nation.

Praise be to Allah who gave us the unity and enabled us to build our young country, ensuring prosperity for the sons and daughters of our motherland.

As we celebrate today the 36th National Day anniversary, in the presence of the founding fathers, we see their faces shine with satisfaction and optimism, their eyes gleaming with happiness. The edifice which they have founded grows bigger in strength and glory. The human being whom they have brought up grow stronger in knowledge and self confidence. The federation which they have set up becomes more deeply-rooted, matured and generous.

Thirty-six years; how short a period it is! In the progression of history, it was a short span of time. It elapsed without making any footprints in the lives of many human societies and nations, or without leaving behind many memories to cherish.

But these years, in the history of United Arab Emirates, were distinguished with the colossal achievements they realised, with intimate memories and with hairworm and success.

Those were the years of making, giving, achieving and constant looking into the future. They were also the years of tireless endeavour to reach the ultimate in every avenue.

Those were the years Zayed and Rashid had set the clock to make a new history characterised by their dreams, visions, efforts and wisdom. They founded the pillars on deeply-rooted foundations and continued to build on those pillars day and night. They paved the way for the nation to move ahead from the most humble phases of growth into one of the most magnificent models in the modern times. The 36 years of federation thus became equivalent to hundreds of years which several nations have taken to achieve progress and development.

Dear sons and daughters of my motherland, The Almighty who blessed this nation with a unique leadership, has also blessed it with a people who love their leaders, keep close to them and arm themselves with their vision. They are never aloof to trekking difficult plains, experimenting new ventures, storming the unknown or calling on new horizons. The uniquely epic relationship between the leaders of UAE and its people has always been the secret of every success we achieved on the soil of our country. It enabled us to carve a niche so high among nations. It also created a model for success and wisdom in the running of domestic affairs and foreign relations as well as for achieving sustainable development keeping abreast with the knowledge era.

Dear sons and daughters of my motherland, We cherish our past and are proud of our present. We are moving ahead into the future with confidence, consciousness and determination which knows no reluctance.

We achieved success because we always believed that tomorrow is a new day. Whatever we achieved in the past has been achieved. The history we will write is what we will achieve in the future, not what we have achieved in the past.

We will not be the ones who sleep on the soft silk of success or those who become content with the lustre of achievements. We will not be among those who falsely believe that the march into the future will happen by itself by self-propelling.

Life knows no halting and those who stop will never win. Every new day brings us new duties to fulfil, new challenges to face and new problems to solve. Every new day comes with new knowledge, new inventions and new media. Those who ignore what is new, even for a second, will be stranded.

The one who doesn’t strive to reach the first rank will be pushed back. The one who is waiting for the luck to bring him bounties will regret. Those who give themselves to the fate to manage their own affairs will discover later that the time wasn’t an ally. Time is friendly with those who strive and endeavour, and hostile to those who sleep and become lazy.

We will move ahead entrusting ourselves on Almighty and putting into practice the national work programme given by the leader of our march and the symbol of our nation, our elder brother the President, His Highness Shaikh Khalifa bin Zayed Al Nahyan. May Allah bless him for success.

Sons and daughters of my motherland, the last year witnessed your government entering into an era of strategic planning. The best global practices became an integral part of work, programmes and projects of the ministries. The plans for reformation and development will go on with determination in every sector, especially in education, health and governance.

The government will move with consciousness and responsibility to solve the population and labour problems. At the same time it will also work to enhance the integration between local and federal affairs, and strengthen economic cooperation and coordination among various emirates.

Our faith in the future is great.

Our optimism is unfailing.

We live in realities and embrace big dreams. We always strive to reach greater heights, entrusting ourselves with the Almighty and relying upon the citizens. We are determined to empower every national, man and woman, with knowledge, training, professional skills, leadership qualities and the requirements of prosperous life.

A federal new year means to us More work...

More achievements...

More empowerment of citizens...

More quality production and services...

More hope and optimism...

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