This #tag is the talk of the town


This #tag is the talk of the town

The hashtag has continued to trend, with "things we've never heard"


Bernd Debusmann Jr.

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Published: Fri 11 Aug 2017, 11:15 PM

Last updated: Sat 12 Aug 2017, 1:23 AM

dubai - The hashtag #SaidNoOneInTheUAEEver has taken Dubai's twittersphere by storm, as hundreds of local residents chime in with some of the humourous little moments that make the emirates a unique place to live.
Since the hashtag was shared on DanceFM's breakfast show earlier this week, the hashtag has continued to trend, with "things we've never heard", ranging from observations on school fees to the weather and traffic.
Even government bodies have gotten in on the act.
"There's no traffic on Sheikh Zayed Road," tweeted the official Twitter account of the Emirates National Oil Company on Thursday afternoon.
Digital ride-sharing app Careem, for its part, poked fun at Dubai tourists struggling to fit the over 800 metres of the Burj Khalifa into their Instagram shorts.
"I fit all of the Burj Khalifa in one picture," Careem UAE tweeted.
Many people used the hashtag to voice their annoyances with the sweltering heat of the UAE's summer. "Summer here is awesome," tweeted a local resident going by the name Eman. 
"It's too cold.outside," added local marketing professional Iqra Khan. 
Others used the opportunity presented by the hashtag to note the convenient things that make Dubai different than their own countries of origin. 
"Petrol is so expensive here," noted an expat who identifies herself on Twitter as Debbie. 
Similarly, a local account, Don Salmaan, used the hashtag to comment on the frequency of deals available in local shopping malls. 
"No, there are no promotional offers this month," he tweeted. 
Others, however, used the hashtag as a means to voice their irritation at a number of things - with "massage" cards and unwanted promotional flyers seemingly being a favourite. 
"Yes, please hand me out your promotional flyers every single day, I love collecting them!" wrote Twitter user @tojinomoto. 
"Yay! More massage parlor cards," wrote another local resident, Savannah. "Can't wait to try all these new places!" 
The greatest "things no one has ever said in the UAE", however, seem to be about driving, parking, and traffic. 
Akhil Thakur, for example, poked fun at the often numerous failed attempts that many people experience when trying to pass the dreaded driving examinations. 
"I passed the driving license test in one attempt," he tweeted. 
"I love paying traffic fines," tweeted Ariz Zaidi. "They make me feel great and it's not a big dent in my pocket." 
Like many local residents, Dubizzle's official Twitter account had something to say about the traffic. 
"I don't stress in Dubai - Sharjah traffic," the company tweeted.

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