Shut down desalination plants that flout norms

WE appreciate the decision of the Ajman Municipality to shut down 17 stations of water desalination because these stations violated health norms. But Mr Seif Salem Al Shamsy, the Deputy Director of Ajman Municipality said the decision has been taken because these stations didn’t rectify their plants and they didn’t use the grace period given to them since the beginning of the current year.

By Catch Of The Day

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Published: Tue 14 Jun 2005, 10:24 AM

Last updated: Thu 2 Apr 2015, 7:58 PM

In fact, through Mr Seif Salem Al Shamsy, we understand that these stations were practising their activities for many months and distributing water to consumers which did not comply with the specifications and standards of the Ministry of Health. We are sure that a lot of consumers who may be drinking such kind of water, unaware if it is potable or not, have been affected.

Therefore, we call upon the Ajman Municipality or any other municipality to make sudden inspections on such stations and not wait till they receive complaints. The stations which do not comply with the terms of the municipalities should be immediately shut down till they rectify their stations. After that, they should submit an application to the municipality to make new checks, and when the municipality confirms that the stations has complied with the terms, then it can give permission to the stations to restart their activities.

Therefore, it is not acceptable to give them a grace period, which makes them continue with their activities, exposing the health of consumers to great risk, particularly if this water is used to make food for babies.

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