Sharjah’s musical message of peace to the world

Arab Idol star Hazem Sharif will join Lebanese singer Carole Aoun and the Syrian group Inana Al Majaz Amphitheatre on February 22 and 27.

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Published: Fri 20 Feb 2015, 12:28 AM

Last updated: Thu 25 Jun 2015, 10:27 PM

The management of Al Majaz Amphitheatre, affiliated to the Sharjah Media Centre (SMC), has announced its imminent showcasing of the musical show ‘Shadows’, written by illustrious poet and journalist Nadine Al Assad especially for Sharjah, with music by world-renowned Bahraini composer Khalid Al Sheikh, and featuring Munjid Al Sharif as director.

Arab Idol star Hazem Sharif joins Lebanese singer Carole Aoun and the Syrian group Inana in this large stage production, scheduled to take place on February 22, with a second performance on February 27.

The production is the first work of its kind in the region, combining poetry, singing and acting in one spectacular show. Consisting of several acts, expressing love for the homeland and peace in scenes interspersed with real life details of the sea and desert — from old times to the present day —  the musical composes a beautifully executed message of love and peace to all the world.

Speaking about the show, Osama Samra, Director of SMC, said that the production is a new art genre in the region. It is an effort to send a clear message of fraternity and peace to the world, by means of poetry, music, and theatre. 

On his part, Al Sheikh expressed his pleasure in joining the production and said that this will be his second collaboration with Al Majaz Amphitheater after the “Clusters of Light”, a large theatrical production which took place last year, commending Sharjah for being the host of such grand cultural events.

Hazem Sharif also indicated that his first appearance in front of Sharjah’s audience promises to be remarkable, as he has prepared well for it on all levels.  The Arab Idol Star revealed that he will appear in the majority of the production’s acts, singing some poetry by prominent Arab poets, including Nadine Al Assad.

The production will take the audience on a journey through history and around the globe in various impressive acts, traveling from present day Broadway to the Middle Ages, then back to the GCC on its way to the Levant and local folklore in various Arab countries.

 It will feature poetry recited by Al Assad herself, as well as songs by Fayrouz, Abdulhaleem Hafiz, and Najat Al Sagheera, covered by Hazem and Carole.

The Al Majaz Amphitheatre, the first of its kind in the region, was opened in March 2014 to become the official venue for the emirate’s celebration of the Sharjah Capital of Islamic Culture 2014, after it hosted the epic oratorio Clusters of Light, which kicked off the start of Sharjah’s celebrations last year.

The Dh120 million- amphitheatre is an open-air semi-circular theatre spanning 7,238 square metres and can accommodate up to 4,500 people.  It features a vast viewing platform through which artists can ascend, and is equipped with a high-quality and accuracy-advanced audio system. The Amphitheatre, which hosts international cultural and art events, houses conference rooms, art galleries, shops and green spaces. 


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