RTA imposes Dh30,000 fine on erring contractor

DUBAI - The Roads and Transport Authority (RTA) recently imposed a fine of Dh 30,000 and issued a final warning to a contractor responsible for the road that collapsed due to the explosion of an irrigation pipeline behind Emirates Towers.

By (By a staff reporter)

Published: Sun 6 Aug 2006, 9:51 PM

Last updated: Sat 4 Apr 2015, 6:03 PM

The contractor was identified during an inspection campaign conducted recently among various consultants and contractors responsible for road works such as connecting service lines, putting-up of sign boards for traffic diversions, road cones etc. The inspection was carried out to identify any illegal procedures or unapproved methodologies espoused by consultants during construction works or road diversions that could cause traffic hindrances and endanger lives if relevant safety measures were not adopted.

Nabil Mohammed Saleh, Director of Roads Department said, “This inspection campaign has been carried out under the direction of Mattar Al Tayer, Chairman of the Board and RTA’s Executive Director, to help the Authority adopt corrective measures, and monitor and identify violations involved in road works like repairs, setting up of traffic signs and boards, lane planning, lighting, setting up of road cones, New Jersey Barriers etc that could cause accidents and other road mishaps if not planned safely.” Hussein Al Banna, service co-ordination manager in the Roads Department clarified that the RTA defines penalties for violations related to service line connections on public roads and other such lapses. These violations include not ensuring the public safety needs and warning signs on the road or the work site, not planning and implementing traffic diversions appropriately, not resuming the traffic diversions on time and commencing work on any road before receiving a no objection.

Other violations include using public property and electricity without permission, delay on filling up or levelling roads, or re-levelling roads without the RTA’s approved specifications, not making provisions for safe pedestrian mobility during excavations, causing damage to public services during or after Non Destructive Road Cutting operations (NDRC), misuse of advertisement signboards, neon lights, and delay in clearing the waste from construction sites.

Al Banna emphasised that all consultants and contractors must legally adopt RTA’s regulations when executing road works and implement safety measures like apt diversions, signs, cones and barriers.

In case of any emergencies, the concerned party and the public must report the case to the Call Centre on 8009090, to help the RTA take effective and immediate action. He also stressed the importance of adopting work licenses and permissions as prescribed, clear all wastes from the sites on time and efficiently execute all repairs to public property on account of damage caused in the course of any construction work.

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