Road expansion puts pedestrians at risk

SHARJAH — The closure of the pedestrian subway near Sharjah City Centre by the Sharjah Public Works department without leaving an alternative means of crossing the road either way has angered residents, who now have to manoeuvre through a maze of concrete median blocks.


Afkar Ali Ahmed

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Published: Sat 22 Jul 2006, 10:27 AM

Last updated: Sat 4 Apr 2015, 7:16 PM

On account of construction activity undertaken by the department as part of its road expansion and improvement programme, the pedestrian tunnel was closed by engineers implementing the project.

Women and children as also the aged find it quite a task to cross the road and scale the concrete median. The already chaotic traffic scene is no better for this new hurdle.

Mohammed Amin, who owns a shop on Al Wahda street said the closure of the tunnel had affected business. "People find it very difficult to cross the road from the City Centre to my shop.

''The whole area is in a mess; I can't wait for this construction project to get over quickly."

Shankar M. said, "Every day, I have to jump over the median to get to my workplace in City Centre.

''Otherwise, it is very difficult to walk all the way till one finds a crossing."

"The subway was a blessing for City Centre employees and shoppers. Engineers of this contracting company should provide a temporary pedestrian overbridge to help people cross the road without risking accidents. Every day, I see women and children cross the road by jumping over the median, and this also triggers traffic congestion."

Tariq Al Shamsi, a bank employee who drives through the area daily to get to his office, said he found it very irritating when groups of people and families stopped his car to cross the road. "This is not civilised. The concerned department must look into this since the traffic takes a long time to clear and adds to stress."

Speaking to Khaleej Times, an official from the Public Works Department said the problem was a temporary one and would be addressed as the project got into its final phase. In any case, the project would be completed soon, he reassured.

"The department aims to complete several real estate and road construction projects to contribute to the emirate's development. These projects include the establishing of a modern roads network, based on international standards, to connect the cities and ease traffic in the emirate," he said.

A traffic police official said that officers were being deployed at the crisis point and at other spots, including other parts of Al Wahda, to regulate traffic.

"This is an initiative made by the police to ease traffic movement as part of its brief to tackle security issues related to traffic flow in all parts of Sharjah. The police will also intensify traffic patrols to enhance traffic and deal with traffic problems and violations in a quick and effective manner," he said.

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